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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My review of Son of Perdition by Louise M. Gouge

I read Son of Perdition in two days. I would've finished it in one, but I've been feeling tired lately and going to bed early. What a great story! I liked this one even more than Hannah Rose. Louise has a knack for describing horrific war injuries. Sheesh, I could picture those shredded limbs and blood splattering everywhere. I'm truly impressed. Also, this story has real depth to it. No pussyfooting around the issues in those days. Reality was men had temptations everywhere, and Louise includes that in her novel. I appreciate how that added to her story. The most impressive thing about Son of Perdition was the topics of blame and forgiveness, and how Louise works through that within the context of this story is truly amazing. Oh, and how often have we said to ourselves, "I'll never be like that person." We try hard to be just the opposite and sometimes despite all this we look in the mirror and see the very person we never wanted to emulate staring back at us. What a sobering truth. Only God can fix that. So if you want an emotionally deep and touching story about an era not often written about, which includes Navy battle scenes from the civil war, you'll want to read this book. The author has unique insight rarely observed in historical fiction. Oh, and her passion for the abolitionist movement and issues regarding slavery are truly inspirational. Great debates between Northern and Southern Navy brothers at the Naval Academy. I loved it!!!

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