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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My review of The Mustang Breaker by Stephen Bly

Bly pulls you further into the life of Develyn Worrell in the second book of this series...with several twists and turns along the way. Just when you think Develyn may have found her match, she realizes he isn't the one for her. She has so many male admirers she could take her pick. In walks the Mustang Breaker from book 1 in the trilogy, but could he become more than a friend? Develyn certainly finds him appealing and exciting, but is that enough? The Lord shows Develyn that her summer in Wyoming isn't all about her, but about the needs of others. Once she puts that into perspective, things become more clear. Leaving her future in the Lord's hands, she determines to live each day as it comes, and to the fullest. She also realizes that this time she must accept nothing less than all God wants for her life, or she will risk compromising her future. By the end of The Mustang Breaker (book 2), the reader is still wondering about Develyn's daughter's crisis, which has yet to be revealed. Also, Develyn has now eliminated two men from her list of potential future mates. Is the man she least expects the one the Lord has for her? I have a feeling book three in the trilogy will reveal that answer. Meanwhile, Casey Cree-Ryder seems to have found her soul mate. I can't help wondering if a double wedding is ahead. Waiting patiently for the final book in the Horse Dreams Trilogy, and wondering what great mystery will be revealed that will conclude this series.

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