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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My review of The Price of Freedom by Simon Ivascu and Wesley Pop

About the book:

Determined to escape to freedom, Simon and Wesley faced danger and hardship fleeing from Romania to Italy. But their nightmare began in earnest when they crawled into a container full of ceramic tiles that was headed across the ocean. Baking in the heat for days in a shipyard, surviving a tremendous storm at sea, suffering from lack of oxygen, and then the agony of thirst, Simon and Wesley both came close to death. The Price of Freedom is the miraculous story of how two young men cling to their faith in God, as they struggled to stay alive against all odds.

My review:

This story kept my attention to the end. The pacing was really good and I liked how the story included so much about their fears and their challenges including the ones regarding faith and doubt. The writing style took a bit getting used to, but it didn't take much from the story. I still felt like I understood what they went through when they risked their lives. All of the miraculous ways God intervened on their behalf was quite inspiring. I couldn't help thinking of Paul the Apostle and his many trials. For people who long to read about how God still does miraculous things on behalf of his children in modern times, this book would be the perfect way to give them that testimony. 

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