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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My review of One Night With a Rock Star by Chana Keefer

About the book:

Good, Country-bred girl meets the Rock Star of her dreams and worlds collide.

For Esther Collins, struggling journalism student and mediocre print model, international singing star Sky has been the ultimate male since she sported frizzy hair, braces and too-skinny legs. She has dreamed of meeting this icon countless times. But life has a way of happening when you least expect it... and of coming in hues that don't fit so easily into simple black and white.

Will Esther's deep roots in family and God keep her feet on the ground when a tornado named Sky blows her world apart?

My review:

Well, this was different. Part of the novel's plot was suspenseful and intriguing. At the same time, parts of the novel seemed overly detailed and almost too descriptive. But I actually "read" the story by listening to my kindle read it to me as I drove so I may have picked up on things from listening that I would have missed by reading it. I liked that it was set in the late 80s and liked the way the author tried to show the beauty of an uncomplicated life through contrasting Esther and Sky's experiences.

I found myself wanting to park a few times and just listen to the rest of the story, but I had to go to work. So it held my attention despite the fact that I didn't "read" it with my eyes. The plot was a bit far fetched, but it's fiction so I didn't mind suspending reality for the sake of the story. The author was trying to show that waiting for the right relationship and sticking to purity as a goal is very attractive to guys when it comes like issues of marriage and family.

The author also did a great job of showing how empty a rock star's life can be. The heroine was a bit whiny and overly emotional at times, but I appreciated the author trying to pull in the reader through the five senses. The spiritual thread was pretty strong in the book and I have to say the whole turning to faith on the Rock Star's end was sweet. I may have liked the story more if I have read it instead of listening to it being read to me, but regardless, it held my interest to the end and I finished the book with a smile on my face.

One Night With a Rock Star was published by Old Barn Press and released in April 2013.

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