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Monday, June 25, 2012

When Love Collides gets five hearts from The Romance Studio!

What does that mean exactly? It goes up for vote on their site today between 5 and 7 PM EST for the 5 Heart Sweetheart Vote beginning 6/25/12... 
Above is a link if you want to vote. And by all means, support me and get the book if you are in the mood for a love story. The reviewer highlights a lot of bummer stuff that is their backstory, but not necessarily in the book. The book is actually uplifting because of the healing message, and though she sort of says that at the end, she lists all the bummer backstory that is not necessarily happening in the novel when you read it. This history is just part of who they are and where they came from when the story begins. And just so you know... the book is a love story more than a romance. And yes, you will shed a few tears. Oh, and it won't show up on the list to vote until tonight so if you look for it now it won't be there. I have gotten two other 5 heart reviews from TRS, but this is the first time my book was up for vote. I'm a weeee bit excited about that. 

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