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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My review/endorsement of Yashua's Bridge by Sandi Rog.

This fantastic book doesn't release until November 1, 2011, but is now available for pre-order (as of Oct 23, 2011 - I updated this info.) But I can tell you that it's an excellent book. It's the second book in a series. I didn't read the first book, but you don't have to read the first book to totally enjoy this one. However, reading this novel does make me want to go back now and read The Master's Wall... but that's an aside. On to the description of the book on the publisher's site and my review and endorsement...

About the book:
An amethyst stone draws him to his past. An elusive maiden draws him to his future. Alexander is born into slavery under an abusive master: a master of his own flesh and blood . . . a man he will never call Father. Determined to break away from his master’s hold, Alexander devises a plan to purchase his freedom. But what’s he to do when he finds himself shipped off in shackles to Egypt, disappearing from the lives of everyone he knows and loves?

My review/endorsement:

Yashua's Bridge is a powerful story about forgiveness and loyalty to the Christian faith. There were well-drawn characters, both slave and free in this novel. A number of them made up the early church located in Rome, though not all. The story took place during the reign of Domitian, who was one of the Caesars that killed Christians who refused to worship him as a god. This novel follows the life of Alexander, who was born into slavery. His life's goal was to earn his freedom and to set his mother free. Unfortunately his father was also his master, and his father abused him and his mother.

Despite his painful childhood, Alexander followed Yashua's teachings and he had a special relationship with David's family. (David was the main character in the first book.) Some devastating things occurred that rocked Alexander's world. Similar devastation happened to David's life at a later date. They both dealt with bitterness, anger, and a hate severe enough to make them want to kill the offenders. Despite their justified anger, they are taught by the Lord through various situations that they must forgive. This story shows their struggle to forgive, but also the healing that took place in their hearts. I loved the theme that God loves us enough to allow whatever is necessary to bring about our spiritual good and to produce healing in our lives. Sometimes what He allows makes no sense to us at the time.

Yashua's Bridge reminded me of Francine Rivers's Mark of the Lion trilogy in that it was also set during the first century when Christianity was still growing, and when gladiators fought to the death for mere entertainment of Roman citizens. Sandi Rog draws you into the story so deeply that you feel each character's pain and you hurt along with them. Well-written and fast paced, Yashua's Bridge has the potential to heal hearts and touch many lives because it doesn't soft-step or minimize human suffering. The greater the darkness was, the more the light of Christ shone in this book. I loved it!

Yashua's Bridge is published by Deward Publishing and will release on Nov. 1, 2011.

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Sandi Rog said...

Thank you for this lovely review, Michelle! Good news: YAHSHUA'S BRIDGE releases November 1, 2011. Thank you for such a wonderful endorsement!

Hugs in Him,


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