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Monday, February 07, 2011

My review of A Hero for her Heart by Candice Speare and Nancy Toback.


About the book:

When Allie’s brother and sister-in-law die in a car accident, Allie is left with the care of their adopted son, Danny—and enormous debt. Now she’s forced to sell part of the farm to make ends meet.

Derrick is on a mission. His dying sister’s last wish is to know her son is happy with his adopted family, so Derrick hides behind his job as Realtor to investigate Allie and Danny. But soon his reconnaissance mission turns into much more when his feelings grow for Allie and the nephew he’s never known.

My review:

A Hero for Her Heart had a good message about what deception is and what it isn't. It's also a heart warming story about what love is willing to do for others. It's also a story with an adoption theme, which I am particularly fond of. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and really fell for Derrick myself. He was sensitive and kind. I thought he was a great hero, especially because he cared so much for his sister that he was willing to step out of his comfort zone to give her peace in her last days. The little boy Danny was a sweetheart, too. Allie was a unique heroine who had endured more suffering and pain in the recent past than most people would experience in a decade. All in all I found the story compelling and tender. It had the typical boy meets girl, loses girl, then gets her back theme required by category romance novels, but it was well done. The storyline was heartfelt and not cheesy, which was why I really enjoyed it.

A Hero for Her Heart was published by Heartsong Presents and released in January 2010.

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