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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My review of What I Learned Under the Sun by Kyle L. Coon.

About the book:

People go through life and wonder, what if I had? What if I opened that door? What if I had gone right instead of left? What if I had more time? Where would my journey have taken me if I had made another decision?Is it a mystery or is our journey all part of God’s plan that will lead you to your final destination under the sun? In “What I Learned Under the Sun,” the only requirement is to have faith even against seemingly insurmountable odds.

My review:

I read this book fairly quickly. There were some great things about this memoir that I found compelling, and some things that needed major editing. If it had been edited better I could have ranked it higher. The best part was the first half of the book before the author gets into the divorce from Marlene. At that point the book takes on an entirely different tone. Also, the second half became pretty repetitious and some things were said numerous times. There were a lot of seemingly contradictory statements that editing would have caught in the second half. But I could see the author's heart for people and desire to encourage others. He was basically saying when life knocks you down, don't give up. Keep trying because everything happens for a reason. You need to look for the signs that God is showing you that he is involved in your life and hasn't let you suffer needlessly. Overall, I liked it more than I disliked it, but I think having so many errors in the book takes away from it's overall quality and therefore making it harder to enjoy.

This book was published by Xlibris and released in June 2010.

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