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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Win a free copy of "Tight Ship" coming in Feb 2009!

Want to win a free copy?

How many of you have your own “loose cannon/tight ship” stories you’d like to share? You know, the kind where someone else was the loose cannon in your life–or where you realized you were the one rolling dangerously around the deck, creating havoc in someone else’s life? Because that’s what this book is about–my own sometimes humorous (sometimes not so much!) attempts to “control” those loose cannons of life, only to discover that I was the loosest cannon of all–but God loves me anyway.

Please leave clear contact information so we can notify you if you win the book, which will release in February 2009. Looking forward to hearing from you! And, of course, if you want to leave a comment other than a loose cannon/tight ship story, please feel free! You’ll still be entered into the contest. Blessings!

Click here to share your story and enter to win!

*And if you remember, please mention that you heard about the giveaway from me.

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