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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Win a copy of Beloved Captive by Kathleen Y'Barbo

To enter to win a copy of this book simply post a comment about what intrigues you about stories that have historical ships, handsome captains, and adventures on the high seas. Yummy, eh? Don't forget to leave me a way to contact you. Peace!

About the book:

In this sequel to Beloved Castaway, Emilie Gayarre is learning to accept her mixed race heritage while finding fulfillment in teaching children of the key. There is no denying the attraction between Emilie and the handsome young naval commander, Caleb Spencer, who is shadowed by his own flock of secrets. But if her heritage is found out, even greater things than his career are at risk. Enjoy this historical romance full of risk and redemption.

My thoughts:

I absolutely loved the previous book in this series, Beloved Castaway, so I'm sure this will be a great read, too. I hope to finish it before the blog tour which is coming up shortly.


lisa said...

Ships, handsome captains...well, I'm instantly thinking of M.L. Tyndall's Legacy of the Kings Pirate series! I think I read those three books in less than a week.

I've wanted to check out this author for a while now. The covers are so attractive.

Please enter me for a chance to win!

ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

windycindy said...

I think there is something mystical about beaches, water and ships! I have always wanted to live on a houseboat! Please enter me in your book giveaway drawing. Thanks, Cindi

Sherry said...

There is something commanding and strong about the captain of a ship. One who has to control the ship and the men aboard it. It's a time in which I can only imagine. I have read Beloved Castaway so I would love to read Beloved Captive.

Please enter me in the drawing.


Abi said...

What intrigues me most is the historical part. High tide I love historical things and so does my daughter. I'd love to win this book.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Carole said...

There's just something romantic about the ocean, handsome ship captains, lighthouses, pirates, etc. (think Johnny Depp and his very successful series of movies). Reality probably wouldn't have been much fun, but makes for great reading and movie watching! Thanks for this great giveaway.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Cherie J said...

Historical ships, handsome captains, and adventures on the high seas. Definitely sounds yummy and totally my kind of story. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!


~Ley said...

Ooh, yes, Tyndall's books! I love her pirate series. There's just something about a captain.... *grins* Please enter me also. Thank you!


Lindsey said...

There are many things that intrigue me... the fact that the possibilities are endless when it comes to exotic destinations, the many dangers aboard ship (especially for a woman), and I want to know what makes the people tick, why the captain became a captain and how it makes him who he is. I love pirate fiction. :-)

Thanks for a great giveaway!

ladyufshalott at

Andrea said...

The romance intrigues me. The physical romance and also the romance of sailing around the world and not being tied down to one place. The captains are always so free spirited and the women that end up finding themselves aboard are usually the same way.

christmasinmarch {at} gmail {dot} com

Sandee61 said...

I'm always looking for books with an ocean,high seas and historical theme so this looks like one I'd really enjoy. Also, a new-to-me author which I love finding out about. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...


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