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Friday, July 04, 2008

My review of On the Loose by Jenny B. Jones.

About the book:

Life is looking up for teenage Katie Parker. After being placed in a new home, she's finally adjusting to her foster family. But tragedy shakes her fragile world as a tornado rips through the town of In Between and her foster mother is diagnosed with cancer. Faced with the possibility of losing a loved one, Katie begins to doubt if God really does care.

Making matters worse, Katie is accused of stealing at school. But in the middle of her chaotic-and often humorous-life, Katie reconnects to God's amazing grace and love.

This is the second release from the Katie Parker series, books for teen girls that explore a less-than-perfect life and the heroine who perseveres through wit, sass, and faith.

My review:

I thought In Between was the best YA novel I'd ever read (other than my own - LOL), but I was wrong. On the Loose, A Katie Parker Production, Act 2, was even better than In Between! Katie really grows a lot over the course of these first two books in this series, and toward the end of On the Loose, I was wiping tears from my eyes. I love Katie as if she was my own daughter (I have a 16-year-old son) and even though she's a fictional character when her heart broke, so did mine.

When I wasn't laughing my head off reading On the Loose, I was wiping tears from my eyes. I drove my husband up the wall by asking him if I could read him just one more page. This story is read-out-loud funny. Seriously. I couldn't help sharing the humor because it was so zany and tongue-in-cheek, yet insightful and deliciously entertaining. I can't say enough great things about this book or this series. Jenny B. Jones is a favorite author, and this book makes me even more sure of my decision to rank her my #1 favorite YA author of all time. I'm reading every book she writes.

On the Loose was published by NavPress (Th1nk books imprint) and released in September 2007.

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