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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hubby's book review of Vanish by Tom Pawlik.

About the Book:

Caught in a mysterious storm, three strangers survive to find everybody else has vanished. When unscrupulous lawyer Connor Hayden, aging model Helen Krause, and enterprising mechanic Mitch Kent meet, they're desperate. And they're being watched---by "observers" who force them to relive their pasts. Does a mute homeless boy hold the key to their future?

Hubby's review:

Similar to Dekker, but with a unique flair all his own, Pawlik has created an amazing thriller of a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The intro to the book says… It all began with an eerie feeling. No kidding! It makes even the reader feel eerie while consuming its pages. The survivors who manage not to vanish have pretty major issues to deal with. They’re alone and desperate and are looking for answers. They feel like they are being watched and they see shadows but nobody is there. Nightmares in their lives pop up and freak them out. But these dreams are real. You can touch them. The last few chapters will blow your mind. If you want an amazing experience, go on a wild ride with Vanish! All is not what it seems… Great novel!

Vanish was published by Tyndale and will be released July 2008!


windycindy said...

Happy Saturday! Thanks for such a thorough review. You made the book seem like quite a ride. It interests me.....Cindi

Terri Tiffany said...

I would love to try again for a book! I read many Love Inspired but never have read the suspense ones! Toss my name in the hat!

bigguysmama said...

Michelle, I really liked your husband's review of this book. It makes me think of House by Ted Dekker and I don't know I'd be able to read it. Is it scary? Ok, so I missed those first 3 words of his review..."Similar to Dekker..." ok, I'm out. I couldn't handle that book! We read it for our book club and you should've seen all our ladies faces! Glad I didn't suggest it! hahahaha

Can't wait to read more reviews.


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