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Monday, January 21, 2008

My review of Love Thy Sister, Guard Thy Man by Kimberlee Mendoza

From the publisher:

While camping in the Cuyamaca Mountains above San Diego, shy Melena meets surfer Dylan and is floored that an attractive man would actually fall for her. Especially since she hasn’t had a date since, well, birth.

They share a romantic late night hike, trips to the beach and chemistry that can’t be bottled—everything is going great. That is until Cassi, Melena’s spoiled sister, falls for Dylan, too. And what Cassi wants, she usually gets. Manipulation, sordid tricks and revealing clothing—Cassi will do whatever it takes to get her man. Even if Melena is left heart broken.

Can Dylan and Melena’s budding relationship survive Cassi’s vindictive meddling?

My review:

I enjoyed this sweet romance. It was incredibly engaging for a young adult novel and I found it hard to put down. I loved that there was a lot of tension between the characters. It was also a powerful illustration of the sad reality of the damage divorce does to destroy trust in children and families.

Melena was a very like-able heroine and Dylan was the ultimate, hot hero. Cassie was the stereo-typical wicked sister and April was the true best friend. I enjoyed the dynamics between all the players and the emotion packed into this story. The spiritual element was also well done because the faith portion of the story flowed and didn't seem forced. And of course, the fact that Dylan prayed made him even more hot. His only flaw was that he was a nice guy and had trouble saying no when he really needed to.

Overall, this was a great, fun read. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a romance where the relationship between the characters makes you giggle and want to have a slumber party with your girlfriends.

Love Thy Sister, Guard Thy Man
was published by The Wild Rose Press and released in January 2007.

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