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Monday, January 21, 2008

My review of Joy the Jellyfish by Kristen Collier

Product Description:

Joy the Jellyfish is a nearly transparent creature, who is ignored by the other inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef. Sad and lonely, Joy swims the vast ocean in search of a friend.

My review:

This story is cute and engaging. I love the illustrations and the message is a good one. When you make yourself friendly people are more likely to want to be your friend. At least that is the message I got from the story. A few times the author uses words that are a bit advanced for a child - like trepidation - but if an adult is reading the story to a child it shouldn't be an issue, and may even expand their vocabulary. I would recommend this book to teach a child who is not outgoing and a bit timid how to reach out and make friends. This would be a great tool to illustrate that point.

Joy the Jellyfish
is published by Dragonfly and was released in October 2007.


Sharlene MacLaren said...

Oh, this is a GREAT BOOK, PEOPLE! Run right out and buy it now. Children love this book. Take my word for it. Thanks for the great review, Michelle!


P.S. Friends, you may still have to order this book on Amazon as I haven't spotted it on shelves yet. But don't let that keep you from getting it. Soon!

Anonymous said...

oh boy oh boy.. this is too cute, when can we win it??!! Percy

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