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Monday, December 24, 2007

My review of Around The World In 80 Dates - Confessions of a Christian Serial Dater by Christa Ann Banister...

About the book:

Travel writer Sydney Alexander is ready for one particular journey to end: her frustrating search for a Mr. Right. As a Christian twentysomething navigating the weird world of dating, she's encountered more than her share of frogs. From men who can't keep a job to self-centered professionals, her lackluster dates leave Sydney wondering where the good guys are hiding.

But things are looking way up. Just after landing her dream job, she meets an eligible round of bachelors, including a dashing European, a promising blind date, and a charming coffee-shop wordsmith. Now Sydney will discover just how far she's willing to compromise to land her dream guy.

Around the World in 80 Dates shares a woman's humorous take on being single. Filled with wit, real issues, and quirky characters, Sydney's story will encourage female readers to never settle for less than God's best.

My review:

Around the World in 80 Dates was a fun read. I loved the characterization and the quirky events like Rain and Stinky Nate's wedding. Truly original. I also enjoyed traveling with Sydney and eating at so many cool places. I loved not being sure of Sydney's future and who she would end up with and I felt her elation and relief when she seemed to meet the right guy (finally.)

Nothing is better than the freedom you feel when you can enjoy someone's company and be yourself at the same time. Especially when you share the same faith. That's a clear message in this story and one that singles need to read.

Many of the scenarios are pretty typical of the dating scene. (I'm so glad those days are over.) For women not married yet this is sure to be a fun ride. In fact, I'd encourage everyone to read it, married or not. The only weaknesses I saw in this book were the many points of view--some of which didn't seem necessary--and the occasional head hop within a scene. Despite those issues it was still a very enjoyable story.

I hope there is a future book in the works starring her sister Samantha or I'll be really bummed since I got to know her so well. I want to know what happened in her love life since there was no real resolution. Otherwise this chick lit novel was perfect! I truly enjoyed it and had a hard time putting it down. The fact that I finished it says a lot, since many of the books I begin I never complete, let alone post a review.

Around the World in 80 Dates was published by NavPress and released in October 2007.

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Anonymous said...

sounds good to me, but what are you doing posting on Chirstmas day.. you silly goose! Percy
Merry Christmas!!!

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