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Sunday, November 11, 2007

My review of Footprints on the Horizon by Stephanie Grace Whitson...

This was the perfect book to finish off Veteran's Day with! Awesome read!

About the book:

World War II had managed to stay in Europe until three women began to fight their own war back home in Nebraska. For Clara, the loss of an 'almost son' to the war is devastating, and now that he's gone, she's forced to face her feelings for his father. Josephine's love for a soldier must remain silent because he wears the uniform of the enemy, and Helen's husband returns from battle with much more than wounds and she sees now that the battle has just begun at home. How will these three women cope with the sudden changes in their everyday life, and how will they begin to turn their lives back around?

My review:

I can see this novel made into a television series. I'm not kidding! When I first saw the cover I wasn't sure I'd like the story despite the intriguing summary on the back of the book. But I wasn't disappointed. The characters were rich and the drama contained real-life conflict that kept me reading. I was totally into this story and fell in love with the different romances as they occurred in their unique settings. One of a married woman and her battle-scarred husband, the other of a woman who denied herself true love until old age, and the most amazing story of all...the woman who falls in love with the "enemy" who is a brother in the Lord.

I just love stories with such impossible barriers, yet the love of Christ breaks through as long as His children follow His will and not their flesh, which is often deceptive and leads to heartache. Forgiveness and looking beyond the outward appearance are strong themes in this novel. You will be holding your breath in several places and swiping tears from your eyes in others. If you want to read a story that will move your heart and warm your spirit, then you will want to read Footprints on the Horizon. Trust me!

Footprints on the Horizon
was published by Bethany House and released in August 2005.

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Miralee said...

Count me in, this sounds like something I'd enjoy. Thanks!

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