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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm on CCM magazine's Fanarazzi page (10)!

I wrote a short article for CCM (Christ Community Music magazine) and sent in a picture of me at The Rage festival in Phoenix back in Jan 2007. Check out page 10 in the Nov/Dec 2007 double edition hard copy of the magazine. My copy arrived in the mail today. See the picture on the bottom of the Fanarazzi page? That's me with the Nevertheless Band along with my little story about how I met them. One of the band members thought it was cool that I was a writer and liked the idea of being featured as a fictional character in one of my stories. He even filled out a character sketch with me. :) Then they started touring around the world and I lost contact. Sigh.

Here is the picture they featured in the magazine!

Here is a different picture of AJ close up.
He's the band member I mention in the article.

Here is a pic of me with AJ close up. Don't we look chipper?


Anonymous said...

Congrats Michelle!

Kim said...

Very Cool! Congratulations! Character sketch, huh? I'd like to learn more about that process!


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