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Saturday, October 27, 2007

My review of Heather by Debra White Smith...


Award—winning author Debra White Smith (more than 4 million books sold) offers an exciting newmystery—romance trilogy featuring debutantes Heather, Lorna, and Brittan—three bright young women who always manage to find trouble. Book 1 in this contemporary series features Heather, a winsome blonde whose looks belie her black belt in karate. When Heather meets Duke, the society page editor, they are immediately attracted to each other, despite her parents' objections.

When Houston's mayor is shot, the Debutantes solve the case. To remain anonymous, they leave the perfume—laden evidence at the newspaper...along with a long—stemmed rose. Obsessed with the mysterious woman now known as "The Rose," Duke breaks up with Heather. As she and her friends work on solving yet another crime, Heather is determined to win Duke's heart. Will she overcome his mystery—woman fascination? Can the Debutantes keep their identities hidden?

an intriguing story
that engages mind and heart

My review:

Heather was a fun read with enough drama and romantic tension to tickle my fancy. Like a cozy mystery, but with an extra helping of humor and romance. I normally don't like cozy's that much, but this story had enough hilarious moments and delightful scenes between Duke and Heather that it kept me reading to the end. I literally couldn't put it down. Heather's rich girlfriends were hilarious and made for great secondary characters. This was a really fun story, like a beach read, but with a little more depth to the characterization. And I wanted Duke and Heather to make it in their budding relationship the worst way.

Heather reminded me of Cameron Diaz in the modern version of the Charlie's Angels entourage when she sleuthed around with her friends. I held my breath on more than one occasion expecting those gals to get caught in the act of snooping. And Duke was a charming and delectable hero. That scene with Heather and Duke romping on the beach was... oy! What an awesome and memorable love scene. Wonderfully done! I don't want to spoil the fun twists and turns, but I guarantee that this read will be enjoyable for mystery and romance readers alike. I was still smiling after I finished the last page.

Heather was published by Harvest House and released in September 2007.

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