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Saturday, July 21, 2007

I received a Rockin' Girl blogger award from Crystal Miller of Chew -n- Chat Cafe fame!

What a nice surprise!

I am passing that honor to several people... One is to Robin Johns Grant "Queen of Perseverence" because she managed to get a great blog up and running with regular posts and she awards prizes to subscribers. Way cool!

I'm also honoring Publishing Dream, Joan Shoup's blog, because she took a wonderful plan and ran with it. Her blog is interesting, informative, and full of cool ideas and pictures. I admire her in many, many ways...

And last but not least... I'm honoring Camy Tang for her Camy's Loft blog. She has a great sense of humor and wonderfuls articles/interviews, and she is crazy enough to give away as many books as I do!


Camy Tang said...

Thanks, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

you sweet thang'.... Percy

Robin Johns Grant said...

Thanks, Michelle. I'm honored--and especially to be in such great company! Very cool.

J. M. Hochstetler said...

Well, cool! I'm honored and thrilled to be included in such wonderful company!

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