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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Some thoughts on fiction and writing about my life

I own so many books I could probably read one a day until I die and I'd still have a ton left that I want to read and review. There are literally tons of stories I want to read. And then there are those I still plan to write. Sometimes I am caught between the two competing desires and it's frustrating. 

I am so close to finishing part two of my journeys series (Somebody Help Me) that I am hoping it will nudge up my sales a bit when people see the story continues and the end really isn't a bummer in Somebody Love Me. It's more like a pause at the end of the first part of Missy's journey. 

Part two has a different feel to it because of her crisis of faith, and at the same time she goes on another downward spiral resulting from the willful choices she makes to do what she knows is not right. That's real life and this four part series is as real for me as it gets. 

The crazy thing is that I had to tone the book way down from my reality in the 1980s for it to be palatable for readers. The truth is my teen years were tough and Missy's journey mimics mine quite a bit. Many snippets are similar. It's not an actual account of my life, though there are certainly many things that coincided with my true-to-life circumstances. I just divided my life lessons into four parts in order to section my life into four distinct areas where decisions were made, consequences dealt with, and healing eventually took place after many years of suffering from self-inflicted emotional wounds. 

That said, I hope to be releasing part two of the Journeys series within the next few months. It's a novella titled, Somebody Help Me. Make sure to look for it on Amazon soon.

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