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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Now I'm giving away Born of Persuasion by Jessica Dotta (with bonus review!)

About the book:

The year is 1838, and seventeen-year-old Julia Elliston’s position has never been more fragile. Orphaned and unmarried in a time when women are legal property of their fathers, husbands, and guardians, she finds herself at the mercy of an anonymous guardian who plans to establish her as a servant in far-off Scotland.

With two months to devise a better plan, Julia’s first choice to marry her childhood sweetheart is denied. But when a titled dowager offers to introduce Julia into society, a realm of possibilities opens. However, treachery and deception are as much a part of Victorian society as titles and decorum, and Julia quickly discovers her present is deeply entangled with her mother’s mysterious past. Before she knows what’s happening, Julia finds herself a pawn in a deadly game between two of the country’s most powerful men. With no laws to protect her, she must unravel the secrets on her own. But sometimes truth is elusive and knowledge is deadly.

My review:

I am behind on my reading so I haven't finished this one yet, but should have it done by Wednesday night!

And now for the question... What intrigues you most about stories set during the Victorian Era?


Veronica Leigh said...

The book sounds lovely. Please enter me into the contest. What interests me about the era? The manners, the customs and the traditions. In this day in age we are so open and bold whereas they were refined and guarded.

Ladette Kerr said...

Sounds like a great read! I love the Victorian Era, 'cause it's just SO different from what I live.

Thanks for a chance to win,


Shadowwolf said...

What intrigues me the most is the thinking of the culture of that day. Their mindset was different from our and yet the human instinct behind it has always been the same.

Thank you for the giveaway!


Mel Gray said...

The way women were treated and their clothing style interest me the most. It's so very different than today.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I just love escaping to a different time and place, all the while getting a history lesson! I like seeing the way people interact and just live their lives. This book just looks wonderful!


Debra Smith said...

What intrigues me about the Victorian Era is the way they dressed and acted. The Victorian Era is my favorite era and I would love to win this book. Thanks for the giveaway and have a great day. My email is

Julianna Rowe said...

Hmn, well,there is a great deal about the Victorian Era that intrigues me. Probably fashion..a bit... I have done some research on it for a paper about Victorian living. It is a period that is has been highly romanticized.. Born of Persuasion promises to be an unforgettable read and I would be thrilled to win a copy of it. Thank you for the giveaway!! Blessings,

Wanda B said...

I love the clothing and the mannerisms of that time period. The way they followed what society dictated intrigues me.

Thank you for the giveaway I have been wanting to read this book!

And a Barefoot

Lynda E. said...

This books sounds wonderful--thanks for the giveaway! I haven't read much about the Victorian era, but what intrigues me the most from the synopsis is the almost non-existence of a woman on her own; I look forward to reading how it all works out.

Lesli said...

I am always interested in how our ancestors lived and where we obtained many of our traditions. Many items intregue me like; the clothing worn in that period, & how religion was viewed. Also, women were considered property. They didn't have any rights.

windycindy said...

What interests me most about the Victorian Era, is the role or lack of one that women held then! They seemed to be the property of men...
Also, life could also be similar to today, but behind the scenes.
Many thanks, Cindi

Anonymous said...

The way the women are treated as property instead of having rights to choose like we do today. Donna

Deb said...

The customs and traditions. Thanks for the giveaway.


Patty said...

All of the rules of so called 'society'... so interesting!


Anita Yancey said...

I like the descriptions about the clothing, food, manners, and all the things they used in every day life. This book sounds really good. Thanks for having the giveaway.


Merry said...

The elegant clothing is what I think of first, then Queen Victoria.
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is... Merry!

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