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Saturday, September 21, 2013

My review of Raw Deal by Dayo Benson

About the book:

Lexi Dixon is in L.A. The guys are hot, the girls are chic, and her modelling career is taking off. The road to stardom is just a matter of less pizza and better posing—she’ll be there in no time!

But behind the designer clothes and the runway shows lies a very real pain that Lexi is powerless to overcome by herself. She can’t help wondering, isn’t there more to life than this?

My review:

I snapped this story up because it was free on kindle. Now I plan to read the entire series. This story is a great depiction of the deception that says beauty, success, and money will bring happiness. You can have everything in this life and it still leaves you empty. Lexi's story is pretty familiar to me. I knew girls and desperate situations like this. Not the modeling, rich girl aspect of the story, but it was the aching inside and the trying to smooth over the pain unsuccessfully that struck a chord with me. In some ways it reminded me of the television show 90210 that I used to watch back in the 90s.

The characters were so easy to relate to because of the way the author crafted them that at times I forgot they were rich. In fact, the story was so realistic and addicting that I found myself wanting to do nothing else but continue to "read" it. The weird thing about my experience with this novel was I never actually glanced at a single page. My Kindle Fire HD read it to me. Because of this I noticed some of the quirky phrasing that is unique to the author's style. But it fit the book, so I didn't mind. I just fell in love with the story. Now I have to read the entire series because there are so many gems of truth in it, especially when it comes to the faith journey of the characters.

For some people they have to not only hit a low point, but they need to experience the desperation that leads to conversations with God when nothing else fills that emptiness. Lexi will probably get there eventually. Right now the story is all about the journey, and this author knows how to make me care about what happens to all of the characters. I love it!

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