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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My review of Broken Halo by Sandi Greene

About the book:

Addison never forgets the day her best friend Jonah was kidnapped as she watched.

Three years later, a car accident propels Addison into a mission to find Jonah—dead or alive. With friends, and a mysterious guide named Ezra, they uncover the dangerous secrets of Haven Falls—a town in the midst of protected blood lines, unexplainable events, and murders. Most disturbing, though, is when Addison receives messages believed to be sent from Jonah. Time is running out, and someone—or something—is trying to stop them.

Full of good and rebellious angels, mystery, and romance, Broken Halo takes a winding path where two family legacies can change everything if they collide.

My review:

This was an enjoyable story. I don't often read about angels and demons -- actually I've only read one book in the past two years with those types of characters -- but I liked the concept and how the author put the story together. The strongholds and battles in the heavenly places were interesting as was the rationale about the bloodlines and trying to solve the mystery. I enjoyed the search for the child who has been missing and the mystery involved in that whole plot.

Some of the conflict was simplified and the characters seemed to have a lot of time to explore and look for clues despite the dangers alleged by threats, etc. So in that regard it was more of a mystery than suspenseful. The dialog was interesting and the characters were well-drawn. I also enjoyed the various romantic subplots. I listened to most of this book on my kindle fire as I was driving and it worked well because of the first person point of view. Enjoyable read. I would recommend it for people who enjoy reading stories about good and evil battling over humans.

Broken Halo was published by Desert Breeze Publishing and released in January 2013.

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