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Saturday, March 30, 2013

My review of Something Beautiful by K. Dawn Byrd

About the book:

Lauren Milton has always followed the rules, but when she meets Antony Marcos, she discovers just how much fun it is to do her own thing. When Antony, the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, professes his love for her, her life is complete. He's her soul mate, but when she finds that he's harboring secrets, can she forgive him?

Antony is terrified that his secrets will destroy their relationship when Lauren finds out the truth. Does he tell the truth and face losing her or continue his activities, possibly placing her in danger? Can they make things work even though her family and friends are against him?

Lauren has PTSD from the car accident that killed her boyfriend and her mother. Can she face her greatest fears while risking everything for the guy she loves? Can they overcome the obstacles facing them to find their happily ever after?

My review:

Something Beautiful is a love story about two people from different walks of life. There is something sizzling about the hero that would draw any woman with breath in her lungs. At the same time, there is danger and a sense of doom on the horizon because of the undercover nature of his job and the criminal element. I liked how Lauren wanted to have Antony around to make her feel safe, but I had a hard time with believing that they'd only rest in each other's arms. Then again, their restraint was admirable, especially for their age and their situation. Maybe that was one of the things that drew Antony to her. The fact that he couldn't have her made him want her more. Anyway, I listened to most of the book on my kindle while I was driving, and hearing it made it harder to connect with the characters. But I read the last 20%, and it had a good ending. I liked how everything turned around at the conclusion of the novel. This is a classic K. Dawn Byrd wrap up. I wouldn't expect anything less.

Something Beautiful was published by Desert Breeze Publishing and released in January 2013.

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