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Sunday, February 03, 2013

New giveaway with bonus review! All for a Song by Allison Pittman.

About the book:

Dorothy Lynn Dunbar has everything she ever wanted: her family, her church, her community, and a budding romance with the young pastor who took over her late father's pulpit. Time spent in the woods, lifting her heart and voice in worship accompanied by her brother's old guitar, makes her life complete . . . and yet she longs for something more.

Spending a few days in St. Louis with her sister's family, Dorothy Lynn discovers a whole new way of life-movies, music, dancing; daring fashions and fancy cars. And a dynamic charismatic evangelist . . . who just happens to be a woman. When Dorothy Lynn is offered a chance to join Aimee Semple McPherson's crusade team, she finds herself confronted with temptations she never dreamed of. Can Dorothy Lynn embrace all the Roaring Twenties has to offer without losing herself in the process?

My review:

All for a song was a great story. In short, it was about a young woman who had never left her home town before, and prior to getting married (and stuck there forever) she wanted to see what she was missing. She got a whole lot more than she'd bargained for, but it taught her some important lessons about what truly mattered. Life is full of disappointments and sometimes we make the stupidest decisions. We have to live with the consequences, and there is no getting around them.

This novel explored the historical movement that started the Four Square church and you see snippets of the first real female evangelist, Aimee Semple McPherson, and her crusade team. That was pretty interesting and I had mixed feelings about what she represented, especially since she lived in luxury as did her staff, all as the result of donations. But that's an aside. She also didn't like anyone stealing the limelight, so in many ways it seemed like a realistic portrayal.

I thought Dorothy Lynne's struggle with pride  when she was coaxed to go on stage to lead worship was pretty powerful stuff. Roland was a very charismatic man, who in some ways made me think of the devil. Not because he was bad per se, but because of the things he said to her to entice her into becoming famous. This story had a little bit of edge to it, but not enough to upset conservative readers. It showed some of the consequences of her choices, but none of them were hair-raising or scandalous. They were dealing more with pride and vanity.

I liked how the author included alternating snippets from the modern day as Lynn celebrated her 107th birthday in the "rest home" for senior adults. She had a lot to reflect on and it was interesting because you didn't know until near the end who she ended up with. I liked how that scenario slowly unfolded, providing a satisfying ending to the book. I enjoyed reading this one.

All for a Song was published by Tyndale and released in February 2013.

Now for the question.... Have you ever considered going to live where nobody knew you so you could start your life over? Why or why not?

A winner will be selected next Sunday using "The Hat" randomizer program.


Michelle said...

I have thought about that, you could start a new life and not know anyone..just for the adventure.

Judy said...

Actually I have moved away and started life over where nobody knew me. Why did I do this? I was hurt, I was grieving, and I felt so alone. My husband of 25 years, (3 months after our children had a 25th wedding anniversary party for us), left me for another woman. He shamed me in our small town by dating her openly before our divorce was final. I couldn't stand hearing one more time...we saw your husband and his girlfriend together. I quit my job, packed my stuff and moved about 500 miles away. Found a place to live, a new job, made new friends and life was good.

I would love to win a copy of, "All for a Song." Thanks for this giveaway.


apple blossom said...

no, I've never considered moving where I could start a new life all over again. why? guess I haven't needed a fresh start. thanks for the giveaway

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Roxanne Sherwood Gray said...

I went to a college across the country where I didn't know anyone. But I just scraped by. I didn't have enough resources to really live like it was an adventure. I had a friend who went to college in Hawaii for a year, knowing she wouldn't stay and graduate. If I had it to do over again, I'd do that.

I've already ordered Allison's new book, so don't put my name in for the drawing. I'm a fan and will always buy her novels. I hope a new reader discovers her wonderful stories.

karenk said...

i think i would miss 'home'...i would not do it.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Norma S said...

Thank you for a chance to win your book. I don't think i could go some place away from my family and start life over where they didn't know me. I could move away from them, but not where they didn't know me. I love them to much and have to be able to keep in touch with my family. God and my family are my life.God bless you.
Norma Stanforth

Sheila Deeth said...

We moved from England to the US with three young boys, a fairly scary move. We'd had the chance a few years earlier, pondered it long and hard, prayed, and eventually believed God was telling us to trust Him to catch us whichever way we jumped. So we jumped, said yes, and the offer went away. When we had the chance again it was so much easier to trust God really would protect us, and He did, so here we are (and the boys are all grown up).

windycindy said...

For most of my life, I have wanted to be a singer; especially, on
Broadway! I think this book sounds delightful...
Many thanks, Cindi

Tore said...

Starting a new life over would be hard and difficult. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to read this book.

Sylvia said...

I have considered moving where no one knew me, but not as a start over. It would just be the next step in my life.

Love Allison Pittman's books!


Anonymous said...

Who hasn't thought about that, although maybe not too seriously. When we mess up it would be an easy fix, or when we are feeling overrun by too many demands.
I added this book on my wish list earlier today after reading a gleaming review. Thank you for your thoughts.
-Gilded Grace

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...


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