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Sunday, October 07, 2012

New giveaway! Enter for a chance to win You Don't Know Me by Susan May Warren.

About the book:

To everyone who knows her, Annalise Decker is a model wife and mother. She's a permanent member of the PTA, never misses her kids' sporting events, and is constantly campaigning for her husband's mayoral race. No one knows that Annalise was once Deidre O'Reilly, a troubled young woman whose testimony put a dangerous criminal behind bars.

Relocated through the Witness Security Program to the sleepy town of Deep Haven, Deidre got a new identity and a fresh start, which began when she fell in love with local real estate agent Nathan Decker. Twenty years later, Annalise couldn't be more unprepared for her past to catch up with her. When Agent Frank Harrison arrives with news that the man she testified against is out on bail and out for revenge, Annalise is forced to face the consequences of her secrets. Will she run again, or will she finally find the grace to trust those she loves most with both her past and her future?

My thoughts: This book sounds great! I don't have a copy to read, but I'm swamped with books right now and probably wouldn't get to it for awhile no matter how good it sounds.

Now for the question.  What intrigues you about this story? My pulse kicked up a notch just reading the description. It sounds suspenseful to me. What about you?


Anonymous said...

This sounds like my kind of book!
I love Susan's books; please enter me.
Jackie S.


Andrea said...

I love Susan May Warren's books and the Deep Haven series! I have not read this one yet and would love to! :) Thanks for the giveaway.

apple blossom said...

description says model perfect, wife and mother. intriguing that's what I need. I love Susan's books also

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Sheila Deeth said...

Model wife, sleepy town and witness protection program. The combination is what attracts me.
sheiladeeth at gmail dot com

Amy R.S. said...

I think being in the witness protection program for so long and having a new life. Than that life is about to collide with the old one. I think book sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway.

sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

Tore said...

Sounds like a really good read. Please enter me in contest.

karenk said...

i love the premise of this story...and susan's novels, too ;)

thanks for sharing this book, michelle.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Barbara Shelton said...

I see lots of intrigue in the short description. I'm particularly "intrigued" by her having to enter the witness protection program and change her identity. There is reality in Susan's story - as this does happen in real life. Thank you for this giveaway and the chance to win a really great read. I'd be delighted if I win this book!

Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

Michelle said...

Sounds very intriguing, indeed! Thanks for the chance to win!! : )

scraphappy71 at sbcglobal dot net

Patty said...

It does sound intriguing! Someone who has created a whole new life for themselves... that would be hard!


Merry said...

A suspense book with the witness protection program is always fascinating. I'd love to be entered for Susan's book.

Jo said...

This sounds so good and definitely want to read it.


Liz R said...

The witness protection program? I'm hooked already! Not to mention I love Susan May Warren's writing.


Anonymous said...

I like the suspense of wondering what happens next. Will she be recognized? Then what? Please enter me.
Maxie ( )

Marissa said...

This looks like a wonderful book! The only other book that I've read by Susan was Heiress. So unique!!


Marianne said...

i love any of Susan's novels, but when it involves plots with witness protection services or suspense, it ups the interest level for me. Thanks for the chance to win!


Jes said...

I'm intrigued to know whether her husband Nathan Decker knew about her being in the WSP.

jswaks at gmail dot com

Pam K. said...

I'm interested to see how Susan resolves this issue of Annalise's past coming back to haunt her. What problems does this cause (I can think of quite a few) and how does she resolve them? Is she a Christian already or does she find Christ during this time of trial?
I've enjoyed reading several of Susan's books so would really like to read You Don't Know Me. Thanks for giving away a copy.

MsRubyKat said...

Sounds like a really great book. Win love a chance to win it. Thanks.
Karen Gervais

rubynreba said...

The suspense aspect wants me want to read it. Also I love Susan's writing.

PatriciaW said...

Intrigued by how someone can keep that secret so long. Did her husband know? How does one not slip up?

Susan writes such great books.


Penny said...

Susan May Warren is one of my favorite authors, as are all the Deep Haven stories. I would love to read and review this one!!


Kay from NY said...

Wow! Gotta read this book! Putting it on my wish list.

Kevlin said...

Would love to win this book. Check my libraries and they don't have it. Hope they do get it soon. Thank you for reviewing the book.


Kevlin said...

Would love to win this book. Check my libraries and they don't have it. Hope they do get it soon. Thank you for reviewing the book.


Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...


Veronica Sternberg said...

I love her Deep haven series. I just read My foolish heart; amazing!

Aizess said...

I've been eager to try Susan May Warren. Please enter me!

What intrigues me most about this story is that the main character has a fake identity and that she's in the Witness protection Program.

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