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Sunday, October 30, 2011

New giveaway! Now I'm giving away Love Finds You on Sunset Beach, Hawaii by Robin Jones Gunn.

This week's giveaway is another great Love Finds You title. To enter for a chance to win this book simply answer the following question. Have you ever been to Hawaii? If so, where did you visit? If not, where would you like to visit? My answer is the island of Maui. I hear it's gorgeous. What about you? A winner will be selected using the Randomizer program next Sunday. Best wishes to you all.

About the book:

When a friend offers Sierra Jensen a vacation at a beach house in Hawaii, she envisions a quiet retreat. But she arrives to noisy surfing competitions and a stubborn sports photographer who's a tenant downstairs. While they each came to Sunset Beach for different reasons, will they discover something better than either of them imagined?

My thoughts:

I haven't read this book. Sorry folks. But if you want an island getaway I'm thinking this book might be just what you need and it's a whole lot cheaper than going on vacation for real. :)


jewels67 said...

I haven't read this one yet... Looks great!! And yes I would love an island get away and real soon..

Julie Lippo

B. J. Robinson said...

I'd love to read and review this book, which I will do if I'm the winner. Yes, I've been to Hawaii, to Maui and to the Big Island :) and plan to write about it in a novel one day :) Blessings, BJ Robinson

Carrie Turansky said...

HI Michelle, I LOVE Hawaii! We lived on Oahu for 7 years. We were blessed to be able to visit Maui, Kauai, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Molikai too. The people are very gracious and the pace is much slower on all the islands. We have been back to visit several times, and it's one of my favorite places on earth.

I've enjoyed several of Robin's books, and this one looks very special. It's on my wish list at CBD.
Thanks for this chance to be in the drawing.
carrie (at) turansky (dot) com.

Debs Desk said...

I have ever been to Hawaii, but my friend went in March of this year. I was so pretty and she got some great pictures. She went to Maui so that is where I would go. Please include me in your giveaay.

Cynthia A. Lovely said...

I enjoy Robin's books and love novels with beach themes!

Rebecca said...

I have never been to Hawaii. If I went there I would like to visit a pineapple plantation. I think that that would be awesome. That and visit a volcano.

Thanks for the chance to win this. This looks amazing. I would love to win this.


ann said...

I have always wanted to go to Hawaii since I was little. So this sounds like a great book for me

amhengst at verizon dot net

ann said...

I dont know if this was accepted or not

I have always wanted to go to Hawaii . Love the beaches and the hula dances and pineapple to

amhengst at verizon dot net

Martha Lawson said...

Never been to Hawaii, but I'd love to go. I would want to see everything!!!! Enter me please, this one sounds really great.

old gfc follower

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Holly said...

I have never been to Hawaii, although Maui is definitely on the top of the list, for the main reason of I've been reading Robin's books for almost 20 years and I want to see all the places she wrote about in the books.


Merry said...

I was blessed to live on Oahu for several years. I met and married the love of my life there! I'd love a trip to the islands with Robin, sign me up please.
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Tore said...

I have never been to Hawaii but that has always been my dream trip. I would love to visit all the islands. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.

Judy said...

I haven't been to Hawaii, I always wanted to go. I would love to go to the Island of Maui. My best friend went to Hawaii a few years back and she fell in love with watching the whales!

Since we won't be going on vacation anytime soon, I think this book would be perfect for me to read and dream of being there!!


Lena Nelson Dooley said...

James and I have wanted to go to Hawaii for many years, but haven't been able to yet.

Our next-door neighbor years ago and her daughter went on a cruise of the islands where the ship moved at night and they woke up to a different island each day. That sounds about perfect to me.

Kathryn said...

I have never been to Hawaii except through RJG's novels :) I grew up with her Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen books, and she's planted it in my heart to one day visit Hawaii myself!

Would love to win this :)


Sylvia said...

Love Robin Jones Gunn books! I already have this book, but would like to enter for one of my sisters who doesn't. If you haven't read Robin's other books you should start with the Christy Miller series. All her books tie in somehow with one another.


barbjan10 said...

Hi Michelle, another fun to read book up for giveaway - and I'd love to read it. No, I've never been to Hawaii, only in pictures and reading about it. I'd love to visit because I have friends that live there and it is quite alluring. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win. I hope I win!

Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

Lisa Nelson said...

I would like to win this book!
I have enjoyed the Love Finds You Series books that I have read.
Lisa Nelson

LuAnn said...

I love books that are sent near the ocean. Such a romantic setting!

reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

apple blossom said...

I have never been to Hawaii; however, my brother lives on the Big Island so that is where I would go and then he'd take me all over he loves for people to visit him.

love to win this book thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

karenk said...

no, i have never been to hawaii (yet!).

thanks for this get-away read

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Melanie said...

I've never been to Hawaii; but I would love to visit! I don't know where exactly on the island I'd want to go....

frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com

Aly Logan said...

My brother lives in Maui, and I've been to visit him. :)


Nancye said...

I have never been to Hawaii, but I have always dreamed of going. Just give me a fabulous hotel and a beautiful beach and I would be very happy!!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...

Carrie Turansky!

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