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Sunday, August 07, 2011

New giveaway! Now I'm giving away Love Find You in Martha's Vineyard, MA by Melody Carlson

For a chance to win this charming romance simply post a comment that answers this question... Have you ever been roped into doing something to help your parents and then it ended up being a different experience than you thought it would be? I will pick a winner next weekend using the Randomizer program. Best wishes to you all.

Love Finds You in Martha's Vineyard, MassachusettsAbout the book: 

Artist Waverly Brennan wants a fresh start. She gets her chance when her ever-quirky mother calls to say she's purchased a gallery in Martha's Vineyard and would love Waverly's help setting it up. Enticed by visions of running a classy art gallery, Waverly arrives in Vineyard Haven only to discover that her mother's new business venture isn't quite what Waverly had envisioned. Stuck on the island for the summer, Waverly attempts to make the best of it. She puts her creativity to work and soon finds other motivations to stick around such as Blake Erikson and his charming daughter.

My thoughts:
I don't have this book so I have no opinion, but it does sound interesting. I also enjoy the majority of Melody's books, so this would probably fit my tastes. 


fredamans said...

This is where I have to wish my love for Melody's books is why I enter the giveaway, unfortunately I have had no such experiences.


Debbie Clark said...

I have really thought about your question, and can't really say that I have been roped into something by my parents and it turned out to be something else. My dad passed away when I was 20 and my mom has been pretty up front when she requests me to do something for her.
However, it sounds like LFY in Martha's Vineyard would be a great book to read. Thanks for the chance to win.
Debbie Clark

Rebecca said...

I have been roped into helping with something that I didn't find to be what I expected. Like when we painted the house. That was a tiring and hot and definitely not as fun as it had sounded. Thank you for the chance to win this. I would love to read it.


LuAnn said...

Your questions brings back strange memories of my father asking me to help him rendezvous with his girlfriend. Ugh! I would drive him there and then leave with his car. When he was caught, I then had to admit to what I'd done to my mother and her attorney. I was just a teenager, so it was a very trying time for me.

Unknown said...

I don't know if I would call it being "roped in," but when I was younger, my parents and I started a singing group. At first, it was very sporadic...only singing for church once every 3 or 4 months. Then, when I got older (think Sr. High age), we started singing more and more (practically every weekend and traveling long distances), and I really DID think I was being roped in to keep the group together. I actually quit for a couple of years, then realized that God was tugging on my heart to go back and fulfill His calling. So, I guess you could also say it was a blessing in disguise in the end. We're still singing, too...not as often as we used to, but still a couple of times every month. :o)

southernsassythings at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Good question, Michelle - my mother has promised that I would sing a solo in her church services when I visit her in Oregon. I've become used to it, so I just go prepared. Melody's book seems like one I would really like to read. I love the "Love in..." stories. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win this good book.

Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

Judy said...

Well, we were kind of roped into helping my parents move. Don't get me wrong, we were willing enough! We were told that we would get taken out to dinner for it. Hey! A free meal but we would be working for it. Sounded good to us. As it turned out, all we got was ice cream from McDonald's while my sister from out of town received all the goodies. (She was able to go through and pick out things she wanted. My other sister and myself weren't given the opportunity to do so!) That was a real bummer! Favoritism? You betcha! There were a few hurt feelings over that one!

I'd love a chance to win, Love Finds You In Martha's Vineyard. Thanks for the chance!


Kellie said...

my mom babysitts and she has often asked If i could help her.Even though I didn't want to I did anyway.It allowed me a chance to let out my inner child and have fun with them.i have read some of Melody's book and I have loved everyone. please enter me intothe draw

Unknown said...

Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good and interesting.

Shannon said...

When I was young my mom would bake for the elderly and shut~ins from our church. Then my dad would take us to deliver them. I would be impatient and not as compassionate as my mom had hoped. Well guess what I do for a living. Care for those very people. I had no idea what she was trying to instill in me would have a life long effect. I truly love what I do. Thanks mom!!

windycindy said...

My parents were older when they had me. My two siblings are much older than me...I helped my parents with many things as I got older, but never felt like I had to! My mom is gone now and my dad just turned 93.
I have no regrets concerning my parents. Many thanks, Cindi

Courtney said...

I don't really really have a memory of being roped in to much but my mom always forced me to go to church with her and would convince me to go by bribing me in to going out to lunch or something, which usually worked. Because of her I became saved so that had a good ending!

Thanks for the chance to win this book!

kcmelone at yahoo dot com

JJ said...

How do you decide the names of your main characters? Thanks gahome2mom/at/gmail/dot/com

apple blossom said...

can't say I've ever been roped into doing something that I hadn't expected it to turn out different. That is in anything in life, especially when parents are involved. :-)

love to win this book thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

As far as I can remember I have never been roped into doing anything. Thanks for the giveaway please enter me in the drawing

Unknown said...

OMGosh yes. My parents moved to Arizona with my Dad's job and after he retired ten years later they decided to move back to Ohio. Now the company he worked for moved them free of charge to Arizona and they had to pay moving expenses to get back to Ohio so they called me and my Hubby and asked if they bought our plane tickets, would we fly out there and drive back with them. Hubby could drive the huge U-Haul and I could ride with my mom. Now this had been planned 3 months in advanced so we thought that they would be all packed when we got there because my Dad told us that we would all have to stay at a hotel in Arizona until we left because everything would be packed. Yea right! We (hubby and I) had to pack two rooms of stuff and then help clean the entire house and have it ready for someone else to move into when my parents left. It was a disaster. I didn't know I would be packing for three days and loading and unloading and then reloading a huge U-Haul in 100 degree weather because those 2 people had way too much stuff. UGG! They had three months to get it all packed.

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

and the winner is...


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