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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Never Without Hope review and giveaway on Tarasview on Books!

Here is what Tara has to say...


I have read all of Michelle's published books to-date and I love her writing style. Never Without Hope is definitely her edgiest book. I thought it was fabulous. I think Michelle did an amazing job of portraying all the emotions and ramifications of an affair. She didn't shy away from telling it like it is- the good and the bad. I really appreciated the fact that the main character knew what she was doing was wrong but did it anyway- it is just so true to life.

Personally I did not find the more graphic details of the book offensive. The details were relevant and necessary to the storyline. By showing lust and sin and adultery in their true forms Michelle was also able to show just how amazing God's grace and mercy are and how you can never stray too far to receive His forgiveness.

Most inspirational novels that I read shy away from showing the true depths of sin- even in the lives of Christians- and I really respect Michelle's willingness to write TRUTH. Never Without Hope addresses a "taboo" topic in most Christian circles but one that we all know happens and therefore really needs to be addressed. I think this book has the potential to give a lot of women who are struggling in their marriages real hope.

Well done Michelle!

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