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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Aw, bummer, but at least this will be fixed very soon!

Never Without Hope (Sacred Vows)

Hope is bummed about this, which is why she's lying on the floor...but I'm not a mess like that. It's fixable.
The first two pages of the kindle version of Never Without Hope have a few typos (five actually) in them because the publisher didn't realize he needed to save the final changes in the doc before sending it to kindle (this same thing happened to me with It's Not About Me, but that happened in the actual print books, so it couldn't be undone! But the good news is that it will be fixed in a few days. So don't think the rest of the book is like that. Just the first two pages. I've read through the sample you can get from Amazon for your kindle application and there are no other typos after the first two pages. Sigh. At least we caught it early on.  I wrote to Amazon and asked them what about people who bought the one with the boo boos and they said when a new one is submitted they send emails to people who bought it and ask if the want to swap it out for the new one. I would recommend doing that.

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