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Thursday, April 08, 2010

American Idol for covers here! Which cover sings the most. Please vote!

Think of this as American Idol for book covers. We're eliminating all but the best covers that fit the theme of the book. So which is your favorite of these and then the winner goes head to head with the favorite in the first series of five. Please explain why you love (or don't love) a cover. You guys are the best! Oh, and here is the revised description. PLEASE read first as it has altered slightly. Thanks!!!

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing when you experience it in marriage... But what if you don't?

What happened in the hearts of Tony Perotta and Hope Williams after the affair was exposed and they went their separate ways? Did they ever struggle with memories from their past relationship, or with wishing things would've turned out differently? Was trust ever restored in their homes after their lives crashed and burned around them? Did they ever heal enough to enjoy their marriages as before, or were they even worse off after their sin was revealed?

Their Separate Ways continues the saga the year after the exposure of Tony and Hope's extramarital affair. It's an honest and close-up look at the inner workings of each of their hearts as they reflect on the painful memories resulting from that devastating choice. Experience with them the vast difference between couples who know true forgiveness and who have hope, and those who don't.









Lynn said...

After reading the description of this book and looking through the covers. #7 really stood out to me. The storyline seems deep and thought provoking and some of the other covers have smiling happy people and I didn't get that feeling after reading your description. I tend to look at a book and get a feel of the book by it's cover before reading the back and I thought that #7 would draw me into the book at an instant.. Hope that helps :)
Many blessings <><

bigguysmama said...

I like #1, but I want my #2 back. Will that be in a different group? LOL I already have my favorite? Why does everyone always have to mess w/ my favorite? First Boston Rob on Survivor, now this! I can't take it anymore!! LOL


LuAnn said...

My original choice (now it's No. 2) is still there, but the new No. 4 is pretty intriguing.

Lindsey said...

I like #1,#4,and #7 I like #1 because the cover is just gorgeous and so is the guy Lol!! :)
And I like #4 because it most resembles the 1st book and people who might be looking for it later on will see the cover and think that must be the sequel!
A lot of times I see a cover and the similarities and know that they are in the same series.
Number 7 I can't really put my finger on why I like it I just do it's beautiful!

adge said...

I like #3, #1, #7 and #8. #5 is confusing and the rest just don't look as good.

Linda said...

#2. He looks forlorn by his stance, as she dropped the flowers and left.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching this process. So interesting! I think the covers are all too busy. I liked #5 before you added the faces. I just want to say that you don't have to encapsulate the entire book on the cover. You just have to grab the reader’s attention fast and hold it when they read the back synopsis. Do you need to give away that fact that he is unhappy and she is happy on the cover? If he is walking away alone then you are wondering where is she, and where is his wife. That sums it up and is so much more intriguing. I think you should also think about the thumbnail. That is how a lot of books are viewed on the Internet initially. Busy covers are hard to see when they are small. I don’t know if this helps, but it is my opinion. Good luck deciding!

Casey said...

Okay this is really hard. Since you want imput on each one, I will go through and say what I like/dislike and then give my final choice. :)

#1 is good, I like seeing his face, but not sure I like the umbrella, just doesn't really fly with me.

#2- not so much. Don't like this one. The rose petals are overkill and it doesn't say anything about the book.

#3 is good. I like it, but not my favorite, but watch I may come back to it. The woman's posture is kind of cliche, but liveable.

#4- I know your work is edgy, but if I saw this book on the shelves, I would probably not buy it. The rumpled bed looks like an explicit romance that I wouldn't want to read. But this is just my opinion.

#5- I liked it until I saw the woman screaming in the corner- don't like it now. It's too harsh compared to the man and woman's love.

#6 is good, I like it and it could work for me.

#7 is good too. I like the more gray look and it gives a good glimpse into the novel- I think.

#8- don't like it- see #4

Okay, I am going to say 6 or 7, but 7 is my fav in this list. But I still think #2 from the last list was the best. :p Though these others have a close second. :)

Anonymous said...

l read it, still hooked on Number 3 Percy

Amber S. said...

In this group of covers, I have to go with Cover 3. Some of the other covers are a little bit too..."pushy." I suppose what I mean by that is that the people's expressions are so set and some of the covers are a bit of a turn-off for me. However, #3 really draws me, and the amibiguity as well as the gray colors (and the play with light and dark) really express the emotions well. Hope that helps!


Megan said...

#7 is definitely my favorite. Both characters look contemplative and it makes me wonder what they are thinking/feeling. It seems to fit the description of the book as well.

I kind of like #3 as well.

Inspired by Fiction

fredamans said...

I love #8 the most.

Clean and to the point. Plus I'm drawn to it, due to the title.

PatriciaW said...


Second choice: #8 (not the rose petals in #4 which suggest a good thing happens in that bed)

Sherry Kuhn said...

I like the feel of #1. Their faces and the coloring but don't really like the umbrella.

I also like #3. It was similar to the one in the last batch that I liked but I like this one a little more.

#7 is good but don't care for the scrolly title holder. Seems like that goes more with a historical.

Thanks Michelle, this is interesting and fun. I love seeing the different choices. You don't realize all the effort that goes into a book cover!

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