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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Yummiest Kiss Contest on the Edgy Inspirational Author blog...Win a free book!

Borrowing on several other blogs' concepts (thank you to Abi and others) I have decided to do a contest of my own blog here with different rules and a description that varies according to my blog's theme.

What is the prize you ask? You can win one copy of any of the books I have available right now. They are It's Not About Me, It's Not About Him, or my edgier e-books Danger at the Door and First Impressions...(e-books are open worldwide, but trade paperbacks to US and Canada only. Sorry y'all, but I ain't rich despite what people think of authors and their pay.

Here is how I will pick the winner. The person who writes the best kiss wins their choice of one of my books. Post no more than a page or two, please. Who will be the judge? Me. And you know I love edgy. Anything goes as long as there are no disgusting words or salacious implications. In other words, edgy is good but nasty is not. :)

That said, I will share a yummy kissing scene from each of my books. So in total you will get four yummy kisses to read. These are real, published scenes. I will post the page they are on as well as the book title so you will get four yummy examples of what I am looking for. (Ironically, two of my kissing scenes involve ice cream. Hmmm... is there a theme here?) Then you tell me which scene is your favorite. Then post your own. That's it.

So again... read my kissing scenes and tell me which one you like best and why, then write your own (can be published already or written on the spot.) One entry per writer please. Easy peasy, right? If you post about this contest and refer friends (and say so in your comment) I'll give you an extra entry. I'll choose a winner on Valentine's Day.

So what are you waiting for? Come on, read my heady kissing scenes and then impress me with your stuff!

**** so here is my stunning example from my first book, It's Not About Me, from pages 162-163.

An unmistakable look of longing came into his eyes. It made her skin tingle. She had the distinct impression he wanted to kiss her.

She moved closer and lifted another chunk of frozen banana from his shirt. Holding it in front of his lips, she whispered, “Want a taste?”

As though hypnotized, he opened his mouth, and she popped the morsel in. When he closed his lips and slowly licked them, she followed her impulse and stood on tiptoe, cupping his face with her hands.

She wanted to be his first kiss. God help her, but she couldn’t stand it anymore. She needed to know if the chemistry she felt between them was real.

He gazed back at her, looking startled at first. Then his eyes darkened, but he didn’t move.

Overwhelmed by his scent, his closeness, the need to know what it would be like to kiss him, she leaned into his broad chest. Time froze. She brushed her lips against his mouth, terrified he’d pull away, somehow sensing he wouldn’t.

He didn’t kiss her back at first. Hesitating, she pulled back slightly to gaze deep into his eyes. In their depths she found the same hunger that burned in her heart.

She closed her eyes, her lips seeking his, savored the taste of him as she found his upper lip. Sliding her mouth across his, she tugged on his lower lip, silently teasing his senses, aching for his love.

She sensed that something profound had awakened inside him. With a moan, she kissed him deeply until he responded with like passion. His sudden fervor surprised her, yet pleased her beyond anything she’d imagined.

As she reveled in his kisses, the strength of his arms around her gave her a rush like no other. Passion exuded from him as his mouth met hers kiss for kiss. The unspoken longing that released in their embrace was so intense she thought for certain they’d burst into flame.

****How as that for Yummy, eh? Here is one from It's Not About Him, from pages 104-106.

Stepping back to get a better look at him, Susie met his gaze. Her eyes grew heavy as the masculine scent of him intoxicated her like a drug. She wanted to kiss him and tell him how much she missed him, but her body felt stiff, frozen in place. She could only move her eyes, which were now straying to his lips.

Without saying a word, he wove his fingers into the hair at the nape of her neck. “I’ve really, really missed you,” he whispered.

His gaze lingered on her eyes, her mouth. Straying back and forth. But he held back, as if assessing her reaction before he made a move.

Against her wishes her throat tightened, and again her eyes filled with tears. She struggled to say something meaningful, but all she could do was swallow repeatedly.

When she found her voice, she murmured, “I have a confession to make.”

Her heart flipped at the intense look in his eyes. A lazy smile spread across his handsome face, and his hazel eyes flashed with amusement before darkening.

“Tell me. I’m listening.”

She cringed, averting her gaze. “I lied to you. I’m . . . sorry.” Peering at him through her bangs, she anticipated anger, but found none.

His brow crinkled, and a nervous grin replaced his confident one. “You lied to me? What are you talking about?”

“About your kiss. When I told you that. I didn’t mean what I said.”

Touching her chin, he tilted her face up to meet his gaze. “You didn’t mean what?”

Her pulsed pounded so hard she heard its flow echoing in her ears. “I didn’t mean it when I said . . . ”

His eyes softened further. His voice a throaty whisper, he said, “You lied?”

“Yeah.” She cast her gaze down.

“If you lied, that means you enjoyed it, right?”

She nibbled on her lower lip. “Yeah, I did.”

The tone of his voice deepened. “A lot or a little?”

A bubble of joy bounced around in her stomach and threatened to pop. Jeff hadn’t pushed her away or laughed at her.

With a low chuckle, she responded, “A lot.”

Jeff eased closer. “Mmm. Me too.”

He brushed his warm lips against hers once, then twice.

Curving her arms around his neck, Susie pulled him closer and melted against him, the intensity of his kiss turning her knees
to mush.

“Susie . . . I need you. I want to be with you so much.”

God help her, but she wanted him too. Last year she would’ve laughed if anyone had even suggested that someday she’d have feelings for Jeff. And now seeing him was all she thought about. How quickly things changed.

Once again, he dipped his head and tasted her lips slowly, with an agonizing tenderness that made her forget the extra weight she carried. For a moment she allowed her heart to feel the intense joy welling up inside. To know he wanted her was a heady feeling.

****Now for a scene from Danger at the Door, page 75.

Her nerves tensed when she realized he would be leaving any minute. She didn’t want to see him go. Glancing up, she captured his gaze and licked her lips.

His eyes traveled to her mouth. That stupid habit was going to get her in big trouble one of these days. But she couldn’t help it. The tension in her body caused that automatic response.

"You want bakni before I go?" The soft sound of his voice made her knees weak.

What does a girl say to an offer like that? No? She’d be a fool to turn him down. So instead, she nodded, her eyes never leaving his.

Everything transpired in slow motion as he stepped closer. She could hear the sound of his erratic breathing and held her breath. His lips hovered and met hers in a tentative manner at first. Then he draped his arms around her as he angled his head to caress her lips more fully. He secured the back of her head with one hand as he suckled her, engaging one lip at a time, and exploring her mouth with abandon. The desperate, husky moans emitting from low in his throat made her body hum. His tongue slid against hers in an intimate dance and her body pulsed as she pressed against him. She wanted more, needed more. It didn’t matter that they hadn’t known each other very long. She yearned for intimacy.

To experience things with him she had no business desiring. Not yet.

When he pulled away, an intense, bereft void filled that place, making her throat tighten. She couldn’t say what she really felt. What she wanted to do was beg to go with him. Worse, to make love to him so he wouldn’t forget her.

But that would be too needy, and she realized he wouldn’t want her to come with him. His business was personal, and she had no part in it. The thought saddened her.

"Ah, Laney, your lips are sweet like med. Your eyes remind me of blue lake near hometown. So deep and wonderful." He touched her cheek. "But we must wait.”

She swallowed hard and bit her lip. He was right, of course, but it didn’t make the desire pulsing in her go away. Her body throbbed, and oh, it was a heady feeling.

"I call you soon. I must go now." His large fingers stroked the side of her head, tracing her cheek, her jaw, until his hand touched her chin and slowly slipped away.

She sensed his eyes on her and she nodded, refusing to look at him for fear she’d get tearful again. A sob crept up her throat, and she squelched the pain.

The door clicked shut. She leaned against the frame and sucked in a breath as she tried to keep her tears at bay. "God, help me. The way I feel… This can’t be right."

Trust me. And wait.

****And last, from First Impressions, pages 47-48.

She glanced away, nibbled on the corner of her mouth, and nodded.

"Good. I want you to know you can always trust me, okay?" As he turned her face toward him again, he peered deep into her eyes. He suddenly felt emotionally naked. Exposed. He was sharing his heart with her, and yet he sensed that she wasn't ready to share her heart yet. Not with anyone. That made him indescribably sad.

She laughed nervously and announced, "I don't feel like eating anymore, but my empty stomach still hurts."

His appetite had waned, too. "How about ice cream? It's always good for the soul."

"Now there's a man after my own heart."

Jimmy smiled as warmly as he could and tried to think positively. Things were improving and he didn't want to lose the momentum. He pulled a half-gallon of chocolate chip ice cream out of the freezer and set out two dishes. He sensed her watching him as he filled the bowls and returned the carton to the freezer.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Let me think." She took a bite of her ice cream and offered him a spoonful.

He grinned and opened his mouth.

She slid the ice cream inside with her spoon. The look on her face was incredibly sensual.

"Yummy, huh?"

He nodded.

She smiled shyly and handed him her spoon. "Feed me now?"

Suppressing a delighted moan, he slid a bite of ice cream into her mouth and waited for her response. The game they were playing was getting him hot enough to squirm. It didn't help that they were alone in his kitchen. It would be so easy to take things further if they didn't slow things down…

Licking her lips as she watched him, she then closed her eyes and swallowed.

That action was all he needed to push him over the edge. He needed to taste her again or he'd go mad just thinking about doing it. Setting his bowl on the counter, he gently grabbed her arms and lowered his mouth to hers. She responded more fervently than he'd anticipated as their cool, sweet tongues engaged. The sensual kiss made his head swim with pleasure.

He moaned. Everything in him tensed and heated as they explored each other like two hungry singles deprived of affection for far too long. He sensed her arm moving and wondered what she intended to do with her hand. He was eager to find out and made a move of his own.

A crash made him jump back.

"Oops. I missed the counter." She giggled.

He sucked in a deep breath. What was he doing kissing her like that? Things were getting way too hot for a weak man like him to be engaged in. In fact, he'd been so into the heat of the moment that everything melted away but the sensation of her mouth on his and his desire to overwhelm her with himself. All thoughts of God and his plans to remain pure had vanished. He had wanted her so much it scared him.

He shook off the thoughts and shifted his attention to the spill. God needed to help him get his self-control back.

"Not a problem. I'll get you another bowl." Glad for the diversion, he quickly cleaned up the mess and dished her up another dessert.

"Now, where were we…?" He popped a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth and tried to suppress a delighted smile as he thought about that awesome kiss. He needed to keep his thoughts pure. Being around her made that tough.

"Sure you want to go there again, mister?"

"I'm fighting it." He swallowed hard. Truth was he wasn't fighting much at all.

She laughed and winked at him. "Maybe we better go outside."


Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

I love a good kiss scene. Here's one of the first I ever wrote. It's seen some revisions, but is still one of my favorites (I think b/c this was always a fantasy of mine...)

LOVED your kissing scenes!!

“Is this what I think it is?” His eyes searched mine, the faint light from the lifeguard shack not letting me read them as much as I would have liked.

“I don’t know. What do you think it is?”

“I hope that it’s you telling me that you're, uh, that you’re okay with me, uh--”

“It is…and I am.” His lack of confident speech made me smile.

He shut his eyes briefly, like he couldn’t believe what he had heard. For that matter, I couldn’t believe what I had said. But it was too late to stop what was in motion. And I didn’t want to stop it.

“Are you sure?” His breath fanned my upturned face. “You still have time to say no, but to preserve my sanity, that window is closing fast.”

I reached up and touched his mouth, my fingers depressing his lips. How would they feel against mine? I was finally going to find out.

“Shhh. Just kiss me.”

Needing nothing else, Ryan pulled me to him and claimed my mouth in slow motion. I sighed as I melted against him.

Ryan’s lips were soft and warm as they gently moved over mine. My hands found the soaked waistband of his trunks as his hand on my cheek slipped further behind my head. The solidness and lack of excess fat at his waist prompted my fingers to take on a life of their own.

Inching upward, the ridges and valleys of Ryan’s abdominal muscles, slick from water droplets, smoothed under my fingertips. I didn’t imagine his sharp intake of breath as my fingers trailed further north, across his chest and then over his shoulder into the thick hair at the nape of his neck.

“Oh, my,” I murmured. It was one thing to admire a man's physique from a distance. It was quite a different thing to sample it up close and personal. He was built more solidly than my 1974 Pinto.

Ryan took advantage of my whisperings and deepened the kiss. My knees gave out then and I was thankful his other hand was around my waist, though I wasn’t even sure when he had put it there.

In our swimming atire, we were even closer together. Our kiss was far more intimate, heat emanating from every point our bodies touched--even from our thighs submerged in the pool.

Ryan’s mouth left my own to trail along my face. I risked a peek at him, gratified to find his eyes closed. I must be doing something right, even though it had been over two years since I had kissed a man.

Tarasview said...

well, I won't be writing my own... but I think I like the First Impressions one best. You know your stuff :)

Melinda said...


Great contest. Your books sound so interesting. I hope to purchase them soon

Walk in harmony,

Linda said...

Leah hungered for Braden's softluscious lips as he held her hand at the theatre. His fragrant cologne nearly made her swoon. At last, his lips touched hers and her heart pounded in her chest. His kiss melted her heart, and was better than she imagined.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Marlayne Giron said...

Here is my contribution from my book, The Victor (which retells the love story between Christ and His Bride, the church):

Joshua's arms went round her, drawing her close. "Llyonesse," he murmured, lifting her chin to him. "I swore to myself that if by some miracle I ever had thee in my arms again, I would say to you what I have waited years to say.”
“What, Joshua?” asked Llyonesse, her heart pounding.
“I love thee..." came the whispered reply against her lips. “Not as a little sister, nor as a fond memory, as Marguerite so jealously inferred.” The next thing she knew, his lips were fully upon hers in the tenderest of kisses. It was not the kiss of duty nor brotherly affection, but a kiss filled with such love and passion it made her head swim and toes curl within her slippers.

LynnRush said...

Great contest Michelle. I love your books! Okay, here's my little piece. My characters are telepathic, so let's see if I got these italics to come through...LOL.

I collapsed onto the queen-sized bed closest to the door. I closed my eyes and reached out to Britt’s mind to see if she was close. I couldn’t sense her yet, so she must be more than a mile away. My tummy rumbled with hunger, and I rolled to my side. A cool breeze washed over me as some of the towel I’d wrapped myself in flung open.

Sounded like the neighbors had called it a night, so for once it was actually refreshingly quiet. I reached to pull a corner of the blankets over me. The side of the bed indented as if someone sat next to me. I glanced to my side with a start.

Nicholas watched me, perched on the edge of the bed.

I nearly choked on the air I sucked in and sat up, holding the towel to my chest. It didn’t cover much, but I was so caught by surprise I didn’t have time to get embarrassed.

“How’d you get in here?”

Doors do not hold me out. His red eyes scanned my face. Do not fear me.

“Strangely enough, I don’t.”

He reached out and cupped my cheek. His fingers flamed against my flesh. My stomach flopped and my breath left me.


Shhhh . . .

He leaned forward, his fingers pushing some strands of wet hair off my forehead. My body quivered in places I’d never known could quiver. What’s happening?

He curled his fingers around the nape of my neck and pulled me close to his face. His breath washed over me, and it smelled like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. I held tight to the towel half-covering my body. I no longer controlled my movements. Almost like when I used my telepathy on someone to push them into doing something I needed them to do. Was he doing that to me?

My breathing shallowed. But it wasn’t fear that overtook me. It was warmth. His smooth, white skin glowed as he neared my face. Everything went quiet around me. A peaceful, mind quiet.

He paused, his eyes bore into me.

“What are you?” I asked between gasps of breath. I looked past him to the mirror on wall next to the TV. No reflections. Of either of us. It reflected only an empty bed.

What do you think I am? His voice sounded like silk.


He nodded. His other hand brushed my cheek.

“But you can read my mind.”

He nodded again. And you mine.

“What do you want with me?”

I’ve been looking for you, Ashley. He tugged at my towel tucked under my arms. His long, slender fingers pried the damp cloth loose.


For a long time I’ve searched for you.


The corner of his mouth curved, crinkling the skin around his eyes. My heart thudded. Why wasn’t he answering me?

Let me see all of you.

Fear began to trickle in. I longed for him. The peace. The quiet that radiated from him. No other thoughts intruding from neighboring rooms.

What’s happening?

He leaned in and brushed his lips against mine. Soft, warm, wet lips. Oh, God, they felt good. I’d never been kissed before. A haze settled over my mind. Is this what it feels like to be kissed? I’d heard Britt talk about her trysts with guys, but never had she described this feeling.

A moan slipped through my lips into his mouth, and he pressed his face against mine more urgently. His soft, warm tongue filled my mouth. I tangled my fingers in his long hair. Could this really be happening?

Nicholas? When I said his name, his body flinched against mine.

His mouth went cold, like ice pressed against my lips. I felt myself fall back against the pillows, and he vanished.

And I was alone once again.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Here's one of the kissing scenes from LOVE FINDS YOU IN GOLDEN NEW MEXICO, which releases May 1:

Jeremiah came up behind her. He pulled her back against his chest and held her within his arms. He kissed the top of her head then turned her around and stared into her eyes. Unspoken communication flowed between them. She held nothing back, and neither did he. The abundance of love she read on his face and in the depths of his dark, sparkling eyes almost overwhelmed her.
“I love you, Madeline.”
Maddy hadn’t realized just how much weight those three words carried as they winged their way to her heart, suffusing it with indescribable sensations completely foreign to her. For a moment, she couldn’t catch her breath. She stared into those fathomless eyes, trying to express with her own just how much he meant to her.
“I love you, too, Jeremiah.” Her words started tentatively but gained strength.
His lips skimmed across her forehead. Each touch sent flashes of heat through her veins. Then he tenderly kissed the corners of her mouth, teasing her, not really settling on her lips. He tasted of her chin, and she dropped her head back, reveling in the sensations that tingled all the way to her toes.
When his lips trailed down the length of her throat, her breathing deepened. Then he settled on the hollow of her throat where she felt her pulse beat like the wings of a hummingbird. He tasted of her, awakening sensations she’d never imagined.
Finally, his lips settled on hers again. Firmly. Giving and receiving a depth of love beyond her wildest dreams. Desire swept through her like a raging fire, beautiful and fearful at the same time. She yearned to find new ways to express her love to him, not able to imagine another way.

Heather said...

Hmmm... my vote is for the First Impressions kiss. I like that it was in danger of going too far and that the characters managed to reign themselves in. Very true to life!

Here's the first kiss scene in my novel, Impure. The heroine has very strict purity vows (her "rules"), and the hero has been trying very hard to honor her beliefs. They are arguing about a near kiss that she wanted, but he pulled away from.


“You want to know why I didn’t kiss you? You really want to know?”

The words were a low, broken sound in his chest, barely audible over the boats straining against their moorings. His scent was too overwhelming, his body too hard against hers.

“Answer me, damn it!”

Startled, she met his furious gaze and nodded.

Nothing existed when he looked at her like this. Not the water breaking against the dock, the speed boat skimming across the jetty, or the noisy night crowd out on the street in front of the marina. His dark hair cast shadows across his face, but his eyes were as bright as the neon signs downtown. When his expression finally softened, his mouth was only inches from hers. The air she breathed was his.

“This is the real deal for me, Avelynn,” he murmured, running his fingertips across her lips. “I’m fallin’ for you. Hard.”

How could her heart shoot up into the heavens and rip itself apart at the same time?

A lone tear broke free and streaked down her cheek, then another, and another. She stopped breathing, didn’t think she could even if she wanted to, because he the way he kissed her tears away was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt.

“I don’t want to mess this up,” he whispered against her skin. “I’ve been trying so damn hard to do right by you.”

She pushed the part of her brain that was screaming for Daddy aside because, as far as she was concerned, Chase Laissard wasn’t capable of messing anything up. Gazing into his beautiful eyes, seeing all his love for her burning bright in their depths, Avelynn hated herself. It didn’t matter that she’d fallen for him too. He deserved more than she could give him but God help her, she couldn’t walk away. Not when she wanted him so badly.

She lifted her face, touched her lips to his. They were softer than she’d expected. And hot. She tried again, another gentle brush of lips. His arms tightened and his body stiffened, but his mouth stayed light as eyelashes against hers. Nibbles, not kisses. Nowhere near enough.

“Please… ”

He met her desperate gaze and groaned. “What about your rules?”

She shook her head. Kissed him harder.

That did the trick.

With a choked curse, Chase crushed her against the wall and captured her mouth with his. Gone was the softness from before, the gentleness. His touch burned her skin as they kissed again and again, each more desperate and disorienting than the last, until she was blind to everything but him and her own gnawing need.

White hot flames ripped through her body, flaring hotter when he coaxed her lips open and turned their kisses into something deliciously sinful. She’d go to Hell for this, but Avelynn didn’t care. Not with how he devoured her, sucked the air right out of her lungs, and took her soul with it.

Rootbeer, saltwater taffy, and heat.

The concrete bit into the exposed skin of her back and tore at her ponytail. She clutched at his shoulders, his hair. His fingertips dug into her hips.


411and3quarters said...

I'm loving your books Michele! Can't wait to read your next one! This is from the manuscript I'm working on, I'm only 13000 words in, so this is the first of many tender moments to come. Any feedback would be welcomed :)

Liz paced beside the front fender of the luxury RV while fanning the crisp morning air at a frantic pace toward her red rimmed eyes. True to his word the limo pulled up behind the bus not more than a minute later.

The back door flew open and Drew rushed toward her with open arms. He embraced her tightly and he lay his head on top of hers. He pressed against her with such transferring emotion that she felt as if he had longed to hold her since the day they parted ways so many years ago.

She leaned into him, feeling his breath in her hair and the warmth of his thighs. She fought for breath against her crushed rib cage. Her lower limbs went numb and she no longer felt the ground beneath her toes.

Her lips began to quiver and as if by instinct he knew this,he released her. He cupped her face in his hands. His thumbs pressing gently against her trembling lips as he gazed into her eyes. He leaned toward her and she could taste the salt of his skin as her mouth moistened for the kiss. She groaned in hunger for him but instead he planted a lingering kiss on her forehead.

He whispered into the wisps of hair that framed her face, “Where are your bags?”

Diane said...

Okay here's my attempt in honor of Valentine's Day! Nothing like a great kiss!!!

They planned to meet in the parking lot at Harris Teeter in Weddington. On her way there, Debra wondered what it would feel like to finally be in his arms. She knew they would kiss and tried to imagine the warmth of his lips on hers. As this thought took her away, she nearly hit the car in front of her when it stopped suddenly. She had to swerve to avoid hitting it. Her heart was racing. She didn’t know if it was from her near accident or the thought of that first kiss. She took a deep breath and refocused on the road ahead.

The Harris Teeter was in front of her at the next light. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She couldn’t believe she was finally getting to meet him. After 10 months of communicating by e-mail and text, she was going to finally meet Doug in person.
She pulled in to the lot and immediately saw a silver Camry parked towards the back where he said he’d meet her. She slowly pulled up next to it, hoping it was the right car. She saw someone sitting inside and knew it had to be him. Then their eyes met for the first time. Sure enough, there he was as handsome as his picture.

They held their glance then smiled a brief smile. She felt her stomach flutter and a warmth radiate from her chest and down her arms. She fumbled with the door handle trying to get it open as fast as she could. They both got out of their cars and as if in slow motion walked towards one another, meeting at the front of their cars. They stopped just short of one another.

There was an awkwardness between them and she finally said, “Well, do I finally get to hug you?”

“Yes, of course!” he said and pulled her in close.

She held on tight to him, melting into his embrace. They breathed each other in and then pulled away slightly. She looked up at him. His eyes looked back with longing. He tilted his head and slowly leaned in to kiss her. Their lips met and she felt the electicity spread throughout her body. His lips ignited something deep inside of her. It was one of those kisses that doesn’t pull away but only grows deeper with passion as it gets going. His tongue entered her mouth flirting with hers. She felt aroused and only wanted more. His hands roamed her body and finally as if remembering where they were they pulled away breathless and laughing.

“We better get a room,” she said.

“We better get dinner,” he said as a reminder that they agreed to wait until after they are married.

Anonymous said...

l just love your "yummy" parts in your books!!
as he held my face with his hands, and drew me in closer for a deep romantic kiss, l could smell him, l could feel his manly-ness... my heart pounded out of my chest, l wanted to pull away cause l knew it was wrong, but my heart said NO... l felt his warm lips meet mine... what a feeling, we stood there for what seemed like an hour just taking in each other....

GS Davis said...

A little long, but worth the wait.

The funicular climbed the steep hill to the basilica of Sacré-Cœur, and the wondrous beauty of Paris and the quaint Montmartre neighborhood unveiled itself through the windows. Although Isabella gasped as she gaped at the splendor below and beside her, her mind only partially registered it. The turmoil in her thoughts tainted the awe she knew she would’ve had upon her first trip to France.

Why had Wesley sent his cryptic letter, and more importantly, why had she had she dropped everything and flown halfway around the world at his request? He could’ve at least picked her up at the airport. Instead, she’d had to fumble her way to a rendezvous in a city she’d only dreamed of visiting.

She shook her head as she glanced down at the letter pressed between the pages of her travel guide, remembering the chain of events that’d led her here. How could a letter from her father, postmarked three days after he’d died, have led to her meeting Wesley? She ran her finger over the newest strange letter, as the doors opened, and the cold February breeze and the faint music of a street band poured in, beckoning her out.

Isabella found her way to the steps of Sacré-Cœur and easily picked out Wesley among the crowd. He stood gazing out at the sunset that seemed to be painting the city below in pastel pinks and lavenders. His worried expression startled her. Could he have asked her here to end it?

Trying to dismiss the thought, she snuck up behind him and, standing on tiptoes, she placed her gloved hands over his eyes. “Guess who?” she said, giggling.

“Isabella,” he nearly groaned, as he spun to embrace her.“I—didn’t.—uh, think.”

Isabella drew back to look at him, and the terror in his eyes filled her with dread. As the words, “What’s wrong,” formed on her lips, he stooped to kiss her, but when their lips nearly brushed, he pulled back and pointed over his shoulder at Paris below.

“Breathtaking,” he said, his eyes never leaving her face. “Isn’t she?”
Isabella frowned, and started to speak.

“We need to talk,” he said, embracing her again. “You have ruined me.”

Isabella’s frown deepened, as she stared in horror at the man she loved.

“I can think of nothing else.” He paused. “I love you more than I am capable of expressing in words. Will you be my Valentine?”

A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth, but before she could answer, he placed a silencing finger upon her lips. Isabella’s brow furrowed as she realized Wesley seemed to be shrinking. Her eyes widened and filled with tears, as she saw him dropping to one knee. A black velvet box materialized in his hand, as he took her hand in his.

“Will you be my Valentine, from now until the end of time?” he said, tugging off her left glove and glancing up for her answer. “Isabella, will you marry me?”

Tears spilled from her eyes as she nodded vigorously, unable to speak.
He stood and scooped her into his arms, lifting and spinning her. When he set her back down, he cupped her face in his big hands and leaned down.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she whimpered, pressing her lips to his. “A thousand times, yes.” Electricity surged through her, as she clung to him, deepening the kiss. Her knees buckled, but she felt Wesley’s powerful arms catch her. She ran her fingers through his short, sandy blond hair, pulling him closer. She couldn’t get close enough—needed to get closer. She pulled away sobbing, gasping for breath, but the distance seemed unbearable. She saw her own hunger mirrored in his eyes, and she dove back into the kiss. The people on the steps of Sacré-Cœur disappeared. The noises of the city silenced. Even Paris herself vanished, as the salt of her tears mingled with the mint on his breath, as their lives melted into one.

Edna said...

This kissing scene is from "The Peacemaker" by Lori Copeland. Pages 274-275

What's your hurry, Miss Elliot?" he asked in an easy tone.
Her steps faltered again, Walk on. Walk on. "I told you. I'm very tired."
He stepped out of the shadows and joined her. Her breath caught and held as she gazed up at him. The rays of the silvery moonlight played across his face, and she longed to have him take her in his arms and tell here that he loved her, that it didn't matter what she had been about to do to his brother. The only thing that really mattered was that she was in love with him, now. And it would be sheer insanity to throw away that rare wondrous miracle simply because of her past foolhardiness.
He could do worse in a bride, Waynne told herself. She could make him proud. She would use all the skills Miss Marelda hd taught her until one day he would look at her as a lady, no some bumbling nincompoop!
But how did she tell him without making a complete fool of herself? He's made it clear that he didn't return her feelings. He would only laugh and tell her she obviously didn't know what man she loved. First Cass, now him.
She could never bear that.
She turned and started on, but his hand reached out and blocked her, "don't go in yet." His earlier arrogance was gone, Instead, his tone held a soft, almost urgent pleas. Her breath caught when he swung her roughly around and into his arms.
She melted like snow on a warm day. The world stood still. This was what she'd wanted, what she't longed for all evening. His mouth lowered to kiss her.
She could only guess where the embrace would have ended if Beau hadn't interrupted. "Wynne? Are you ou there?


Michelle Sutton said...

Oh man, these are some tough choices!!! Sheesh, how am I going to choose? Well, let's see...I guess based on the fact that I am having a tough time choosing I'll go with the pic that gives me the best picture in my mind. Of all the scenes above the one I can visualize most is Jeannie Campbell's. I can see them in their swimsuits. The setting got me. And I've always been a sucker for kissing scenes in a pool. SO there you have it! I'll be contacting Jeannie. Meanwhile, you all did great and thanks for entering!!!

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