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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My review of A Beautiful Day devotional by Gwen Ford Faulkenberry


It's easy to praise the Lord when things are going well, but what about the days when the sun isn't shining and your heart is broken? A Beautiful Day by Gwen Ford Faulkenberry shows how it is possible to see beauty and God's goodness every day through 40 inspiring devotions and anecdotes. With an embossed hardcover and satin ribbon marker A Beautiful Day makes a lovely gift to give or receive.

My review:

I really enjoyed this devotional. It wasn't full of cheesy stories and examples but had rather deep thoughts on life and the things God tries to show us in our everyday situations. The stories connect well with meditating on God's goodness and beauty in our lives. This include stories about things that don't always make sense to us but are still a part of our lives. This book would make a great gift, too. It's attractive and easy to follow, plus it's decorative and small; just the right size for a coffee table or to set near your Bible.

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