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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

First Impressions by Michelle Sutton

First Impressions by Michelle Sutton

My cover is up for a vote on the Classic Romance Revival site. Polls close Sunday 2-7-10. The bummer is they had the wrong cover up on the view page until yesterday so from 1-23-10 until 2-1-10 people couldn't see mine, they saw someone else's. Anyway, it's fixed now. The vote button was always there, just not the right picture. Can we even it out some? Look at all five covers and then vote for the best one. I'm the only inspirational book in the bunch. :) And the cover artist gets recognition for her good work if my book is selected. But only vote for mine if you like it best! Click on the link above to see them.

Here is the link to the voting section if you want to vote for my cover. :)


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Edna said...

Voted for you cover


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