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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just a thought about book reviewing. Feel free to comment.

This seems to be a trend for me. I only end up finishing two out of every three books I start. Example. Last year I read about 90 books but I actually started about 150. The year before was the same. I read 97 books and started about 150. Anyone else have this problem? I used to finish every book I started but quit doing that about three years ago because it was starting to make reading a chore instead of an activity I loved. So I never promise I'll finish a book. Usually I lose interest or become bored. Not sure why. I need a story that makes me curious or where the plot continues to build or the character suffer enough to make me wonder what will happen next. That said, I'd like to hear other readers/ reviewers comment on their experiences, too.


Casey said...

I tend to finish books I start, but I am also REALLY picky about what I pick up in the first place, even when I tend to enter contests, I want to know if it is a Christian book. So while I will finish a book, I can make no promises that I will read another book by the same author if I disliked the one I read. Interesting how different people approach the same topic. :)

Michelle V said...

I've only been reviewing for a few months but I still read every book and I still love doing it.

Michelle V

LuAnn said...

I usually finish about 99.9 percent of the books I start. If it's a review, I will read the entire book (although I may skim through some of it). Non-fiction is tougher to get through, I've found, but in most cases, you don't need to read the entire book word for word.
I am finding, however, that I'm going to have to cut back on the reviews a bit. My stack of books I want to read just for pleasure is so huge and I need to make a dent in them.
If I really, really want to get a lot of reading done, a weekend car trip is called for. I can do quite a bit of reading when hubby is driving and still take in the scenery!

A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

I have only been reviewing since August, but for the most part I finish books. However, if I really did not like the book, I will most likely not read more from that author. I prefer Christian books and am fairly picky about other genres too.

Great blog BTW!

Abi said...

Your blog has been awarded an award. You may pick it up here

Anonymous said...

I'm not a book reviewer like you, but yes, I've stopped books if they are boring or whatever. . . just never finish. They sit on the shelf half read (if I got that far.)


PatriciaW said...

I pretty much finish everything I start unless it is truly, truly a horrible book. If I'm reviewing the book, I feel that I owe it to the author to finish the book before I give an opinion on it.

Non-fiction books are hard for me to read through. I find myself skimming and losing interest unless they are phenomenal. Fiction is easier. I accept that not every book will "wow" me. When I feel myself a bit underwhelmed, I try to read faster or maybe skip over some of the narrative.

Christy--Southern Sassy Girl said...

I usually read a book all the way through to the finish, but in the past 3-4 months, I've come across a couple of books that I just could not finish. Both of them were books to review, and I included that fact in the review because I felt it was important, and I stated the reasons why.

There's just too many books out there right now to waste time on a book that's not cuttin' it, IMO. :o)

Callista said...

No I think I have 1-3 books a year that I don't end up finishing. Sometimes I go back to it and finish it later, sometimes not.

Maybe you should read something other than what you normally read if you are getting bored. Stop trying to make yourself read something just because you think you should.

Edna said...

I read most of everything I start, I can tell within the first few pages if I like it or not. I will take any you don't want LOL
I have won a few that I just can't get into but my daughter usually will take those off my hands.

May God bless


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