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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Now I'm giving away Outlaw's Bride by Lori Copeland!

In order to be entered into the drawing for this book simply post a comment about about diversion programs. Do you think they help people? Is a work program and exposure to Christian love enough to turn people with criminal tendencies around? What do you think? If you can't think of anything to say then just read the review I posted below and comment on that. Thanks and best wishes to you all! I will draw a winner's name next Sunday!

About the book:

Falsely convicted of bank robbery, drifter Johnny McAllister is sent to a rehabilitation program in the home of a California judge. When he goes to Judge McMann’s home, his aim is to be a model prisoner, hoping to be released early and return to his life's mission: to kill the man who wiped out his family 15 years before. He’s planned for everything…except his encounter with Ragan, the beautiful and kind housekeeper, and with the generous folks of Barren Flats. But can Johnny let go of his anger and embrace a new life? One that would include Ragan as his bride? This tender story reveals how even the hard law of the land doesn’t stand a chance when God’s mercy and true love come to reside in a heart. Formerly titled The Bride of Johnny McAllister, rewritten for the inspirational market.

My review:

“This is the first book by Lori Copeland that I've read. I really enjoyed it. The romance was delightful and even a bit yummy in some places, though there was one spot where I was like, "Huh? She did not just do that!" But overall I'd recommend it because honestly it held my attention better than most historical westerns do, and it did ring true for the most part. The characters were engaging and very well developed. The spiritual lessons learned made this a worthwhile read, too. I grew very fond of the hero and heroine by book's end. Outlaw's Bride made me chuckle and smile. But most importantly I felt that satisfied "ahhh..." at the end, which for me is essential for a romance to be considered truly romantic.

Outlaw's Bride was published by Harvest House and was released in July 2009.


Anonymous said...

l met a man once in a prison, he killed his wife, was brougth to the Lord by one of the diversion programs... l dont know if they work for everyone but it worked for him... Percy

Mark said...

Not sure about diversion programs, but the book sounds good

ladystorm said...

Sounds like a great book and I would love to read this.


Pam at Daysong Reflections said...

Michelle, I think that these programs will work for some people but not for others. From my own observations, there are those who just need an encounter with real Christian love and guidance to make a total turn-around. Others are users and looking for the easy way out. If they can convince someone that they have changed their ways, that is what they will try to do - but of course there is no real change of heart. So even if there are some failures, these programs are worth the time and effort for the ones whose lives are changed.

Please enter me. I am a sucker for a good western romance.

Lela Fox said...

The diverson program sometimes works and sometimes not. So many swear they have given their life to the Lord just to get a gold star on their promotional list of "good things to do today." Some I feel are humbly meant but there are many that scam a good program and yet there are some that have earned that 2nd chance ---depending on the type of charges.
would love to win this book!!

Buukluvr81 said...

I know some one who was a criminal and drug addict, but with friends and family who were Christians and prayed and loved her unconditionally and kept her in a Christian environment, she turned her life around! So yes I believe in diversion programs.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!
mollydawn1981 at aol dot com

adge said...

To me it depends if the person is open to God or not. They have to want it, or in some cases need it. gasweetheart211[at]netscape[dot]net

Abi said...

I think these programs may work for some but not all people. It's just God, Himself, that must do a work in their life. He can use these programs, but not all the time.

Thanks. Sounds like a wonderful book. Please enter me.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Sherry Kuhn said...

Your review of Lori's book made me want to read it. I like the cover too!

Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks,

Debbie Clark said...

A man in our church begged God to get him out of the drug world. He was then arrested and sent to prison. He found Jesus in prison and is now helping out in the Overcomers Outreach in our church. It changed his life.

I love Lori Copeland's books. Would love to win "Outlaws Bride". Thanks for the chance. Debbie

Merry said...

I've enjoyed many of Lori Copeland's books and this sounds like another winner. The story of revenge, love and the law of kindness at work sounds very engaging. Please include me, thanks!


Anonymous said...

I would enjoy reading this book...please count me in...thanks


Casey said...

A person's heart has to be open and receptive to the Lord's love. If not, you can only plant seed and water the soil until it finally sinks in.

This book looks great, the review was intriging and I would enjoy the chance to read the novel.


Carole said...

I don't know that any program is ever "enough." But programs like this where Christians can truly be Jesus to those in need stand a great chance of succeeding because of God's transforming power.

Thanks for a chance to win Outlaw's Bride, Michelle.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Martha A. said...

I think it depends on the crime and the criminal!! How is that for a broad answer, but really, God can use them to work in some people's hearts and others seem to be so hardened, nothing changes them.

Katie said...

No, a diversion program is not enough to turn people around. They have to be touched by the Lord. Some might learn and get on with their life without adding to their criminal record, but they still are not spiritually saved. Exposure to Christian love will help them to see how much Christians want to help and how much they love the Lord, but the Lord is the one who converts people...


Anonymous said...

I think that just like anything else, a diversions program would help some people but not others. I would love to be entered in your wonderful draw. Thanks. wandanamgreb(at)gmail(dot)com

Carman said...

I thought your review was great. I like most of Lori's books, though sometimes her writing seems a little different than in her other books.
I would love to be entered.

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...


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