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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do you love internet scavenger hunts with prizes galore?

Questions will be posted daily beginning on Nov. 29,2009 and ending on Dec 18, 2009 - GO to the following site to begin Desert Breeze Scavenger Hunt begins HERE!

Some of the prizes will include:

Free reads from authors like Stephanie Burkhart, J. Morgan,
Barri Bryan, Shawna Williams, and Michelle Sutton
Free books
Fresh baked cookies to 3 lucky winners
Goodie Bags and autographed Postcards
Holiday themed handmade jewelry
$10 GC to Amazon
Cover Art Mugs with coffee and bookmarks
2010 Calendars and hand crocheted snowflakes
Author Pens
Bookmarks, Pens and Magnets
Tins of mixed nuts
Crucifying Angel tee shirts
Cover Art Canvas Bag ­ Woman of Honor
2 book credits to DBP storefront
Irish themed gifts
Book themed gift basket

The grand prize will be a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.


fredamans said...

Sounds awesome.

I read the top disclaimer. Are you no longer allowing Canadians to enter contests? I need to know whether I can no longer enter any more.

Thanks a bunch!!

Michelle Sutton said...

I believe Canadians can enter. Not sure. The Amazon gift card won't do you any good though if it's not a Canadian gift card. Right?

fredamans said...

Sorry, let me clarify...

I was wondering about your contests. That is why I haven't signed up lately, as I saw the note at the top of the page. Previously I joined your contests as they were US/Can. I just wondered, you did have a book I wanted to enter for, but didn't.

Michelle Sutton said...

Pretty much every book giveaway is for US and Canada unless otherwise noted. Typically they are not open to international beyong Canada, however, due to prohibitive shipping costs.

fredamans said...

Thanks Michelle!

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