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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Now I'm giving away Look to the East by Maureen Lang

To enter to win a copy of this book simply read the description below and post a comment about family feuds. Has your family ever come together over a crisis situation and set aside their differences for the greater good? This could be about in-laws, out-laws, or even your own biological family. Let's chat. Make sure to leave me a way to contact you if you win.

About the book:

At the dawn of the First World War, the French provincial village of Briecourt is isolated from the battles, but the century-old feud between the Toussaints and the de Colvilles still rages in the streets. When the German army sweeps in to occupy the town, families on both sides of the feud must work together to protect stragglers caught behind enemy lines. Juliette Toussaint may have been adopted from a faraway island, but she feels the scorn of the de Colvilles as much as anyone born a Toussaint. So when she falls in love with one of the stragglers a wealthy and handsome Belgian entrepreneur, she knows she's playing with fire. Charles Lassone hides in the cellar of the Briecourt church, safe from the Germans for the moment. But if hes discovered, it will bring danger to the entire village and could cost Charles his life.


Anonymous said...

Well. I am currently in contact with none of my family on either side. With each side it was a different thing that caused the rift. But, we are praying for a restoration in the family, and we are slowly but surely seeing signs that are prayers are being answered in the positive. :)
Please enter me in the contest.

Anonymous said...

There was a family feud when I was just a small child and I was never told what it was all about. Sadly, I don't think things ever worked out.
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

gahome2mom said...

Who doesn't have family issues these days? :( Thanks.


Shelly said...

I don't know if you'd call this a feud per se or more of a family rift. On my mom's side, most of her siblings are JW's. My grandpa attends a baptist church and my family attended several different denominations growing up. A lot of the time, my mom's side of the family would not socialize with us due to the fact that we would not attend their church or convert. It often put a strain on my grandpa who wanted the family to be close.

Please enter me for this book giveaway. It looks very interesting!

donnyandshelly (at) (yahoo) (dot) (com)

Linda said...

There was a family feud over the content of a family will, leaving some of the children without a dime. It changed my grandpa/grandma's will and my parents. The original feud caused such a rift that grieved me. There were deathbed forgivenesses by several. What a waste of time of feuding.
Please enter me. Thanks.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

fredamans said...

Thank you for the entry.

Thankfully I don't have a crazy family feud story for today. I feel blessed to say that. I know of some crazy times in everyone's family, but actually feuds, well, that takes a special kind of fight. My family can't afford to lose the members we got, as we are pretty small. I hope none of you are feuding, however if you are, remember life is too short for bitterness. One day, that person you despise, may be the one you need.

Happy Labor Day to you all.


pat jeanne said...

A feud developed between my grandfather and his oldest daughter before I came along that divided my father's family. I got to see few of my aunts and uncles. But many years later we were united at a family reunion that I helped to organize. So I'm so thankful that forty years later I met more of my relatives. Love to win Maureen Lang's latest novel.

Cherie J said...

Yes. When my mom had a stroke two years back it actually brought us closer together and helped us resolve our differences.


Julie J. said...

My parents' sides of the family do not get along at all. I've grown up listening to it all my life. It's all over petty issues too. When my mom's dad died, I thought things were healing but alas, I was wrong.


Carole said...

I love Maureen's writing, so thank you for posting about this book - and I'd love to win a copy.

I am an only child, but both my dad and my husband come from large families. However, there has never been a family feud to my knowledge, for which I am very thankful. The closest we ever came was an aunt who got upset because her youngest sister stopped coming to Christmas Day get togethers once her daughter was born.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Mark said...

My family has always gotten along well together, and never had any feuds to my knowledge

Anita Yancey said...

We did have a family feud going when I was a teen. It all came down to land. Some of our relatives wanted ours, but they wanted it for nothing. But my father wouldn't give it to them. But all is well now, and seems to have been forgotten.


Katie said...

Hello... within my immediate family there has never been any feuds but my extended family is a different store sadly... I think most of is they want to live a life without God that our family can not do! please enter me.. thanks

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...

Julie J!


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