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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Review of Always Watching by Collins as seen on Christian Book Previews site.

Always Watching

About the book:

The daughter of a rock star, 16-year-old Shaley O'Connor has everything---until she discovers her friend's body backstage. Is Tom Hutchens's death connected to her? Soon, frightening messages appear and paparazzi begin to stalk her. Can Shaley find Tom's killer before he strikes again? Where's God when she needs him?

My review:

Overall this was a great story that was told in a believeable young adult/teen voice. There was just enough intrigue and suspense to keep you reading. The typical Collins ick factor is present when the first body is found, but it's not overly done. There is a definite "creep" factor that also fits with a Collins suspense. Some description sounds very Brandilyn, but this story had a combined voice that was pretty well done. The spiritual tone is a bit stiff at times, but relevant to the plot. The first person POV also added a unique presentation. The missing dad element was a bit cliche, but it does make for a great underlying mystery.

When the chase is on it leaves the reader a bit breathless. It wasn't too difficult to figure out who the bad guy was, but that didn't happen until later on in the story, so that was good storytelling. The ending wraps up some, but not all of the elements of the story. This works well for a series, but the cliffhanger ending may not work well for people who like a feeling of completion at the end of a novel. I would recommend this story for people who enjoy mystery/suspense and want to read one from a young adult/teen perspective.

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Cecelia said...

Yeah, I read this book, too, awhile ago. It was an entertaining read.

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