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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hubby's review of Double Cross by James David Jordan

About the book:

Raised by a father who was a former Special Forces officer, Taylor is beautiful and brilliant and knows how to take care of herself. But she is haunted by her past and the sacrifice her father made to save her from a brutal rape when she was seventeen. After a controversial stint in the Secret Service, she has become the most prominent private security specialist in America. When she discovers the body of a former client's top assistant, all the evidence points to embezzlement and suicide. But Taylor has no way of knowing that her mother, who ran out when Taylor was nine, is about to reappear and lead her down a twisting path of danger and deceit. It's a road that won't end until they reach the spot where Taylor's father died-where Taylor learns some sacrifices can never be earned.

Hubby's review:

When Double Cross begins Taylor is living in the house with Simon Mason’s daughter, Kacey, and they are good friends. First, she discovers a body of a former client. Then Taylor’s mother shows back up in her life after being missing for about twenty years. Taylor wants to be loved, but she doesn’t know what real love is, so she is looking in all the wrong places and hooking up with people who use her just like she uses them.

The story has so much danger and intrigue combined with dizzying twists and turns that the reader is on edge waiting for disaster to happen. The author does such a fantastic job pulling you into the characters’ lives that you are blown away by some of the things that take place. He does an excellent job making you care about them, which is what makes the story so inspiring. This reviewer didn’t want the story to end but was satisfied with how things turned out. It’s impossible to not long for more installments in the series.

Double Cross was published by Broadman and Holman and releases October 1, 2009.

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Cecelia said...

Sounds like a good, intriguing read. I'll need to keep this one in mind.

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