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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My review of Love's Pursuit by Siri Mitchell


In the small Puritan community of Stoneybrooke, Massachusetts, Susannah Phillips stands out both for her character and beauty. She wants only a simple life but soon finds herself pursued by the town's wealthiest bachelor and by a roguish military captain sent to protect them. One is not what he seems and one is more than he seems.

In trying to discover true love's path, Susannah is helped by the most unlikely of allies, a wounded woman who lives invisible and ignored in their town. As the depth, passion, and sacrifice of love is revealed to Susannah, she begins to question the rules and regulations of her childhood faith. In a community where grace is unknown, what price will she pay for embracing love?

My review:

Love's Pursuit is a unique story of love lost and love found; a truly heart-wrenching combination that plays out beautifully in this novel. It's also about the holiness of love and the beauty of forgiveness and of understanding God's grace. It's a tragic story in many ways as well. A minor character, small-Hope, had a horrific past that slowly came out in the course of this novel. There were many people afraid to deal with the issues in their Puritan community and so they did nothing, thus perpetuating the pain for the victims who were powerless. I'd love it if there was a sequel to Love's Pursuit that focuses on small-Hope.

And while this story is by no means a suspense, there are some suspenseful moments in it when you don't know what Susannah is going to do. She seems hopelessly trapped and with no way to escape the future she doesn't want, and in fact fears. I loved that about this story because as I got to know the characters I ended up feeling their pain.

What I found a bit confusing at first was the way the point of view scenes would change between Hope and Susannah, and because they were both in first person POV it took me awhile to be able to figure out who was who since they were not introduced by name prior to or at the opening of the scene. However, that was not a big deal and I quickly adjusted.

While not my favorite book by Siri, it still slowly builds until the romance became stoking hot, which is so signature Siri. I love that about her stories because she knows how to show love developing over the most minor things, like picking nits and lice out of someone's hair (of the opposite sex.) Interesting how she did that so well that I looked forward to the event. The dialog was also very convincing and I could hear the characters speaking in my head as I read along. I would highly recommend this story to history buffs. It's certainly not the same-old, same-old formula for historical romance. But I like that.

Love's Pursuit was published by Bethany House and released in June.

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