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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Christian Writers of the West sisters from our chapter meeting

Aren't we a nice-looking bunch! We had one camera shy participant today.


Georgiana said...

MAN, I do so wish I could get down there and hang with my peeps. Looks like fun!

Cecelia said...

What did you guys talk about during the meeting?

Carmen7351 said...

Hi Michelle,
Can you tell us who everyone is? It's a great picture!
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Michelle Sutton said...

Marie Callendar's in Mesa on Dobson Road. If you subscribe to the CWOW blog you'll get the info you need to attend next time. I live 200 miles away so I make it to maybe 2 or 3 meetings a year. It's a great bunch of ladies. :P

Anonymous said...

Whoo--Hooo. It was a blast!!! Michelle, I'm so glad you drove up for it and brought your friend.

Great bunch of people those CWOWers.


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