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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Interesting perspective on youth culture today

This is why I write what I do. See the article titled... Like a Virgin No More
Why modern brides are opting for racy gowns, wild bachelorette parties and sexy Maxim-style pre-wedding photo shoots.

You can find it by clicking on MORE CULTURE AND IDEAS (the column is dated June 4) and when that page opens type MySpace Generation Brides Go for Sexy, Not Virginal in the search box (the one with the magnifying glass in it) and you'll see the column. Some of the stuff would my "my" generation blush, and that is NOT easy to do.


Carmen7351 said...

Can't open More Cultures and Ideas.

Michelle Sutton said...

That's weird because when I click on it the box opens up just fine.

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