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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Scary snake story, plus "look at the pretty cacti"

This is my funny snake story that happened today. Yeah, it was a scary snake. I live on a dirt road where people have cattle, horses, etc. Well, there are also other critters on occasion. I've seen tarantulas on the cacti and we've had an occasional javelina (wild boar) in the backyard snacking on things. We've got hawks, turkey buzzards, coyotes and other fun stuff. But nothing is scarier (in my opinion) than a snake. Now I've not seen many since we've lived on my street (almost 8 years). I've had maybe four sightings. Today I was driving about 5 miles an hour down the road and approaching our house. My mind was drifting like it usually does. My son said, "Mom, watch out for the snake." I looked on the road and sure enough there was what appeared to be a bull snake creeping along the ground. Without thinking, I screamed like a banshee and took my feet off the car floor. Yep, I'm driving and my feet are INSIDE the car where the snake can't even touch me. My son yelled, "Mom, you're going to run over it!" Of course I then hit the brakes. He hops out of the car to make sure the snake is okay! He's terrified of spiders (even daddy longlegs) but he's checking on the snake's welfare. Silly kid. I guess it did get away before I squished it. He saw it slithering off unscathed. LOL!

Here are some pictures I took of blooming cacti in my yard. The middle picture isn't showing the blooms just yet, but when they do flower, the color is a pretty hot pink shade. Hope you enjoyed the nature shots.


Anonymous said...

LOL. What a story. Lifting your feet up in the car-that's funny.

Nice pictures. :-)

Todd Michael Greene said...

Makes sense to me that you'd be afraid.

And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel. (Gen. 3:15)

bigguysmama said...

Oh, that's such a funny story! Thanks for sharing. I also loved the cacti pictures. Very cool.


Alyce said...

That is hilarious! And exactly the response I would have if I saw a tarantula. Love the cactus pics!

Linda said...

I like snakes. But give me a bee, tarantula, or wood tick, and I'm out of here! Screaming, screeching all the way!!!

When you mentioned the tarantula, I remember a neighbor's friend who had bought a cactus from Bachman's Floral up here. One day she saw it 'breathing.' Thought she was dreaming. Well, the next day it was 'breathing' harder. She called Bachman's, and they told her to wrap it in plastic and put it in the driveway. Here it had a tarantula nest in it, and the spiders were trying to get out. Could you imagine if they had gotten out overnight??? I get squeamish just thinking about it.

Andi said...

Michelle, that is hilarious! yet I probably would've done the same thing! I am so afraid of snakes it's not even funny. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

That is SO funny! One day I was in my back yard, barefoot, pulling dead branches off my tree. I had pulled off three already, and was trying to get another one. I looked up as I yanked on the branch, and felt something under my toes, so I looked down, and saw a snake...under my toes. Amazingly enough I did not scream bloody murder, I think I was too scared. I slowly backed away, then ran inside yelling "SNAKE!". My mom went out and killed it. HaHa. I think it had been on one of the branches I pulled off first, cause it was alive, just probably dazed.

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