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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now I'm giving away The Rose Conspiracy by Craig Parshall

Open to USA and Canadian residents ONLY.

To enter to win a copy of this book simply post a comment answering this question... Have you ever been to the Capital (Washington DC) and visited the Smithsonian? If so, which one(s) did you tour? I'll go first. I've been to DC twice. Once in 1999 and once in 2003. I've visited the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History. Both were fascinating. That was easy now, wasn't it?

About the book:

Parshall takes his readers to the nation’s capital, where a hitherto unknown document has turned up...and turned into murder.

As the Smithsonian’s president examines a newly discovered account of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, an intruder steals in, kills him, and disappears into the night with the document.

Vinnie Archmont, an accomplished and stunningly beautiful artist, is implicated. She hires the brilliant but secretly guilt–burdened criminal law professor J.D. Blackstone.

Blackstone finds himself uncovering the Mystic Freemasons’ most guarded secret. He reluctantly turns to his uncle, a Bible–quoting Anglican priest and occult–religions expert. Enemies like a sorcery–obsessed billionaire English lord, a powerful U.S. Senator, and a ruthless prosecutor force Blackstone to employ all his cunning.

In the process, he is compelled to choose between spiritual counterfeit and Gospel truth, guilt and forgiveness...destruction and a new beginning.

My thoughts:

I had a friend read this before me so I could find out what she thought about the story. She's very picky and most books bore her. She loved, loved, loved this book, so if she enjoyed it I know that whoever wins this book will enjoy it, too. I still plan to read it but for now I just can't seem to fit in all the books I want to review. Sorry!


Annie said...

I have not been to either!

Someday maybe!


Rhonda McKnight said...

Been to the captial, but not the Smithonian. I've been to the one in New York - Cooper and Hewitt or something. The design one. Went when I was in college.

I want to win the book though. Maybe I can learn something. LOL.


Rhonda McKnight

You gots my email on speed dial.

bridget3420 said...

I've been to DC but I haven't been to the Smithsonian. I'm going to make it there someday though!

Abi said...

Never been to Washington DC. Thanks for the drawing.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

well l lived in DC and went to every Smithonian l could! Fav's werer Natural History and Air and Space Oh dont forget the Botanical gardens. l also went to visit DC twice this year. Percy, you know me and my email too ;)

Linda said...

I have not been to Washington, DC. They didn't offer those trips as Seniors in HS, so I've never had an opportunity to go. Would love to. Add my name, please, to the Rose Conspiracy giveaway.

desertrose5172 at gmail dot com


Anonymous said...

I haven't been to Washington D.C.

sharon54220 said...

I've been to Washington, DC many times throughout the years. I used to live in NJ, so it wasnt that far of a ride. I have been to the Smithonian, but I can't tell you which one. I was in 8th grade when I was there and I'm now 52.

mez said...

I've not visited either one. I hear the Simthsonian is amazing. My husband loves Craig Parshall's books, count us in!


windycindy said...

Hi, I have been to Washington, DC only once. My husband and I toured the Natural Air and Space Museum and the Natural Museum of Natural History! Many thanks, Cindi

freda said...

Unfortunately I have not been to D.C. or the Smithsonian Museum. I would love to see both one day though, and would love to read this book!
Thank you for the entry.

cpullum said...

No, I haven't been! I would love to go someday!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I've never been. I've always wanted to go, but have not had the opportunity.

Edwina Cowgill said...

Oops! I posted that last comment before I signed my name, so let me try this again!

I've never been to DC, but always wanted to go!!

LuAnn said...

I was in Washington, D.C., as a child, so I don't remember much of what we visited ... other than the Ringling Bros. circus!

Anita Yancey said...

I was in Washington DC in 1984. I toured the Smithsonian. My husband and I just loved it. Hope to go back again some day.


Michelle Sutton said...

the winner is...


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