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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More great advice from the author marketing experts.

Three Quick Ways to Get More Sales on Your Web Site

1) People like what other people like: we often forget this but reviews do sell books. Make sure and list reviews, blurbs, and/or testimonials on your site and in your store.

2) How tough is it to get to your shopping cart? Now, more than ever, you want to make the experience of getting to your shopping cart quick and easy. Add a buy-now button to your home page if you don't already have one. Don't hide your stuff, especially now.

3) People are really bargain hunting these days so give them a reason to shop on your site: offer specials, incentives, added value. This is especially good if you're trying to lure folks from buying on Amazon and giving Jeff Bezos a big cut of your sales.


Author Marketing Experts, Inc. is a full-service book marketing, promotion, and publicity company. We serve authors at all stages of marketing and promotion. We offer a full range of packages and services to choose from.

To see a price list or schedule a free consultation, send your e-mail to with the subject line "Author Services Info." You can also visit our Web site at

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Sharon Ball said...

Hi, Michelle, I'm not published at this time, but I like to learn tips and gather information for when I am published. God willing of course. I'm glad I found these nuggets. Thanks.

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