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Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Soundbite Sam" versus "Rambling Rose"

A 'Soundbite' is a short, snappy "memorable" statement that reporters love to use in their stories and hosts love for the quick sizzle they add to any interview.
For example my client Pam Waterman, author of "The Braces Cookbook," uses these soundbites whenever possible:

1. Bracket friendly breads & breakfasts

2. Be-nice-to-me beverages

3. Soothing tips for difficult days

4. Mellow main meals

5. Recipes you & your orthodontist will love

Times have certainly changed. Years ago a soundbite was roughly 50 seconds. Today, it's down to 7.3 seconds or 20 to 25 words. The increasing speed of communications has created a demand to get news and information NOW. As an author you must be prepared for the fast pace and fickleness of the media in 2009.

Create sizzling soundbites and then practice, practice, practice until they are second nature. You'll be glad you did!

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~Tip offered by Media Veteran Laura Holka, who is the producer of the Pat McMahon Show & a Media Consultant. She can be reached at or email


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