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Monday, February 23, 2009

Top 5 mistakes authors make DURING the interview

Top 5 Mistakes Authors make DURING the Interview

You've written the book, perfected your pitch, scored the interview and now it's your time in the spotlight. As a producer my top 5 "Don't Screw It Up" suggestions for the actual interview are:

- Not being prepared. Know your topic, your host, your purpose. Be so ready that nothing can throw you. Your answers should just flow and be conversational. Pretend you're sharing a cup of tea or a glass of wine with your host and just enjoy. If you're having fun so will everyone else!

- Fidgeting, chewing gum, cracking your knuckles and other annoying stuff. Sit still: breathe. Relax and enjoy your moment. You're the expert - the star. Enjoy!

- Never assume anything. The interviewer may not have read your book, know your topic or have even looked at the materials you sent. Be prepared to answer basic questions, explain why your book benefits viewers, direct the interview back on focus if needed and be polite no matter what.

- Yes or no answers are never a good idea. Always elaborate. You don't want to be a Chatty Cathy but yes or no answers can be the kiss of death in an interview. This is the time to make use of those well thought out and practiced sound bites.

- Don't direct people to a page or chapter in your book instead of answering a question outright - EVER!

So remember: be prepared, answer questions completely, don't just "Sell" your book. As a guest you need to be engaging, likeable, entertaining and informative, and of course you need to - Sit Still!

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Anonymous said...

Great advice. I'd be the one who has a shaking leg or foot the entire time.


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