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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At Home With Books: Blogger Followers Problem

I'm linking to this post that explains why the amount of followers is down on everyone's blog. Mine only dropped a few people but for others it was more than that. Here you go...

At Home With Books: Blogger Followers Problem: "Blogger Followers Problem"

For all of you who use blogger, you may have noticed that you have lost some followers in recent days. I thought maybe my reviews were getting too dry or something, but evidently it was just technical problem.

Here is the explanation that I am borrowing from Jennifer at Rundpinne (who borrowed it from someone else):

'If you use Blogger as your platform, I'm sure you've noticed that your follower count is down. Apparently Blogger has changed everybody's followers to 'anonymous' and anonymous followers don't show. If everyone can do these simple steps, we can all get our followers back:

Go to dashboard, you'll see 'Blogs I'm Following'

Scroll down to the bottom of that list and click on manage.
Then you'll see that all the drop down menus have been changed to anonymous. You just need to change them back to public.
Hopefully we can get the word out, so everyone can take these steps. I hope this doesn't happen again!'
I checked and my settings were already set to 'public,' but you may want to check yours just to be sure. Thankfully two of my followers have already reappeared. I'm looking forward to seeing the other fourteen who disappeared come back soon!"

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Alyce said...

Hey, thanks for passing the info on to others.

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