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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Now I'm giving away Moving Forward by Dave Pelzer (non-fiction)!

To enter for a chance to win a copy of this book, simply post a comment telling me what intrigues you about it. Don't forget to leave me a way to contact you if you win! Best wishes.

About the book:

Self-help expert Dave Pelzer teaches readers how to let go of the past, and use negative experiences to make them stronger when tackling the future.

"Learning from our prior experiences, we can, and should, aspire to fulfill our dreams, making life better not only for ourselves but for others around us during the course of our life's journey," Dave writes in the introduction. "I am of the belief that you do not have to be a mayor of a major metropolis or CEO of a Fortune 500 company in order to take a stand for your convictions, to lead, rally, or educate others for your cause; or to maintain a vision that will pave the way for other generations to come. The everyday, hardworking folks, God bless 'em, have and always will continue to, day in and day out, truly make an impact on their families, communities, jobs, America, and the world as a whole."

This is the philosophy that Dave will teach readers how to embrace. From letting go of past hurts, to how to turn the experience gained from adversity into the power to live a better life and help others do the same, Dave Pelzer walks readers through the process with his trademark wisdom, support, and tough love.


mrs.mommyy said...

this book intriques me by helping me let go- I need it bad

windycindy said...

I find it difficult to not harbor past hurts and move on in some facets of my life. I have read good things about this book and author. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks.....Cindi

mommyjen99 said...

This sounds like a book that everyone should read. Life is too short to hold on to the past.

Susan Stitch said...

I have always been intrigued with Dave Pelzer and his story. It helped inspire us to adopt two children from our local social services organization. I'm inspired by his perseverance and his ability to turn horror and tragedy into not only his personal life but helping others overcome their pasts, too.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very inspirational book for everyone. Would love to read it and pass it on.

Kimberly said...

This book sounds very interesting. I'm really into books right now that inspire me to make better choices in my life, to be more positive, to "stop and smell the roses" and to live a better life all together. I am just finishing up "Tuesdays with Morrie". Then I was going to read "The Last Lecture" followed by "Life is a Verb". I really think that this book is a perfect addition to the series of books I have been reading so that I can live a happier, healthier, more inspired life.

Thank you for the giveaway.

HunnyV "at" Optonline "dot" net

cpullum said...

Wow this book has my name all over it I need to get pass some things in my life! Please enter me!

Have a blessed weekend!

AmandaSue said...

Dave Pelzer is a wonderful author, this book really sounds good because I have a hard time of letting go of my past and things that hurt me so I think I could really get some use out of reading this. Thanks for entering me.

Michelle Sutton said...

The winner is...


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